8 Cocktails For Spring

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Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Sunshine, music, patios, friends, family and the wind in your hair. What’s missing? The perfect cocktail. Lets be honest, this week is completely crawling by at a snails pace, and I need something fun to look forward to making this weekend. Here are 8 simple recipes for great spring and summer cocktails, weekend wisely!

Counting down to my all time favorite we are starting with…

08 – Kir Royale

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google









Ingredients: Creme de Cassis, Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

  •  Pour 1 Oz of Creme de cassis in the glass
  •  Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine
  •  Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object
  •  If you have a cherry just throw it in your drink.

07 – Long Island Iced Tea

Courtesy of Cocktails.com

Courtesy of Cocktails.com







Ingredients: 1 Oz Vodka,1 Oz Gin,1 Oz White Rum,1 Oz Silver Tequila ,1 Oz Triple sec,1.5 Oz Sweet and Sour mix,Splash of Coke,8 Ice cubes of ice

  • Pour the vodka and gin
  • Add the rum, tequila and triple sec
  • Add the sweet and sour mix
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Shake it ! 12 times at least
  • Fill your highball glass with ice, fill it to the top.Strain the cocktail into your glass
  • Strain the cocktail into the glass over the ice
  • Save a little room for the coke, top the drink with it
  • Drink or serve it, garnish with a lemon wedge

06 – Margarita

Courtesy of Chow.com

Courtesy of Chow.com

Ingredients: 2 Oz Tequila,1 Oz Orange liqueur,Juice of 1 lime or lemon,0.5 Oz of simple syrup or Lime Cordial,8 Ice cubes or crushed ice

  • Pour all ingredients into the shaker.
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Add the fresh lime juice or just squeeze a whole lime inside
  • Shake it hard! 12 times at least
  • Strain the cocktail into your chilled glass or strain over ice (margarita on the rocks)
  • Place a lime peel on the rim of the glass or put salt on the rim of the glass. If you want to “salt your rim” check out our cocktail guru tip at the bottom of this page.
  • Drink or serve it, your Perfect Margarita is ready to drink!

05 – Mimosa

Courtesy of Inspired Taste

Courtesy of Inspired Taste

Ingredients: Half a glass of orange juice,Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

  • Fill half of your glass with orange juice, make sure it’s cold
  • Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine
  • Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object

04 – Apple Martini

Courtesy of Gustologist

Courtesy of Gustologist

Ingredients: 1.5 Oz Apple flavored vodka,1 Oz Sour apple liqueur or apple flavored schnapps,Dash Midori,1 Oz Pineapple juice,1 Oz Apple juice,8-10 Ice cubes

  • Pour the alcohol into your shaker
  • Add apple and pineapple juice
  • Add ice
  • Stir 12 times
  • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or over fresh ice a tall glass
  • Drink or serve it, your cocktail is ready to drink!>
  • Garnish with three apple pieces on a toothpick

03 – Bellini

Courtesy of Laylita

Courtesy of Laylita

Ingredients: One third of a glass of peach puree or juice,Two thirds of Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

  • Muddle a whole peach (or skip this step and just pour peach juice in the the glass)
  • Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine
  • Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object

02 – Cosmopolitan

Courtesy of InspiredTaste

Courtesy of InspiredTaste

Ingredients: 2 Oz citron vodka ,1 Oz orange liqueur ,1 Oz Cranberry Juice ,Dash of Lime Cordial ,8 Ice cubes or crushed ice ,Lime peel for garnish

  • Chill the martini glass (click here if you want to know how)
  • Pour the liqueur and vodka to your shaker
  • Pour the cranberry and cordial to your shaker
  • Add the fresh lime juice or just squeeze a half of lime inside
  • Fill shaker with ice
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Stir it! 12 times at least
  • Strain your cocktail into the chilled glass

01 – Mojito

Courtesy of MyRecipes

Courtesy of MyRecipes

Ingredients: 1 Spoon white sugar ,2 Oz White Rum,Hand full of Mint leaves ,Half of one lime cut into 3 wedges ,Splash of club soda ,1.5 Oz Sweet and Sour Mix ,8 Ice cubes or crushed ice

  • Muddle the mint, limes and sugar, muddle until you actually smell the mint.
  • Add 2 Oz of Rum
  • Add the sweet and sour mix
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Shake it hard! 20 times at least
  • Double Strain into the glass full of crushed ice
  • Top the drink with club soda
  • Add 5 fresh new mint leaves and a lime wedge on top and serve it, your perfect drink is ready!

5 Essentials for Spring

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This has been quite the dreary and never-ending winter. With abnormally cold temperatures and wintery mixed precipitation, it has been difficult to kiss our parkas goodbye and bid spring a warm welcome.

Usher in this spring with bold floral prints and feminine silhouettes because 2014 is all about the girly-girl in you. Not sure where to start? Here are five essentials for this spring:

Spring 2014

1. White sleeveless blouse from H&M, 2. Floral skirt from Lulu’s, 3. Red fringe tote from Zara, 4. Steve Madden red heels, 5. Paul & Joe Patterned drawstring shorts from Net-A-Porter

1. White blouses with high collars– Button-up those blouses to the top button; this spring it is all about the neckline. Tucked into a floral pencil skirt or high-waisted work trousers, this modern, crisp blouse is the perfect staple for your spring closet. White blouses can have the office, up-tight stigma but you can dodge this by picking studded collars or accessorizing with a bold statement necklace.

2. Fuller skirts – Ditch the tight, body-con skirts and accentuate your waist with a fuller, flowing skirt. Modernize the shape with a tighter crop top or a day-time bustier. These skirts are the best in floral patterns or pastel colors.

3. Fringe bags– Don’t worry, these bags are not comparable to hippie sacks from the 70’s. In bold jeweled tone hues or your basic neutrals, this fringe adds texture and character to any look. Selecting rectangular or square shaped bags will also help you avoid the vintage, rounded sack look.

4. Ankle-strapped heels– Give your feet a break and steer clear of mile-high pumps. This season it is easy to achieve a girly, feminine it look with a shorter heel, an ankle strap and a playful color.

5. Drawstring shorts– This spring is all about the sporty-chic, but that doesn’t mean you have to resort to gym shorts and Nike sneakers. Similar sleek looks can be accomplished with looser shorts detailed with a drawstring waist band. Floral or geometric prints, pastel colors and suede or cotton materials will give the look the necessary feminine, warm attitude. Paired with a graphic t-shirt or a basic tank and you’re ready for a day out and about.

Sausage, Spinach, Wild Mushroom & Cheese Frittata

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In honor of Easter Weekend I want to share the perfect frittata. So gather your friends and family around you and whip us this tasty treat.

Sausage, Spinach, Wild Mushroom & Cheese Frittata


8 eggs

Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

6 oz. white cheddar cheese, cut into 1/4-inch dice

1 tsp. plus 2 Tbs. olive oil

1/2 lb. mild Italian sausage, casings removed

3/4 lb. assorted wild mushrooms, cleaned, trimmed and cut into 1- to 2-inch pieces

1 bunch Swiss chard, about 3/4 lb., stems removed and leaves cut into 1-inch strips



In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, salt and pepper. Fold in the cheese. Set aside.

In the deep half of a frittata pan over medium-high heat, warm 1 tsp. of the olive oil. Add the sausage and cook, crumbling with a wooden spoon, until well browned, 8 to 10 minutes. Drain the sausage on paper towels, then transfer to another bowl.

In the same pan over medium-high heat, warm 1 Tbs. of the olive oil. Add the mushrooms and cook, stirring occasionally, until browned and tender, 8 to 10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to the bowl with the sausage.

In the same pan over medium heat, warm 1 tsp. of the olive oil. Add half of the Spinach and cook, stirring occasionally, until wilted, about 2 minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Transfer to a bowl. Repeat with 1 tsp. of the olive oil and the remaining Spinach.

Return the rest of Spinach, the sausage and the mushrooms to the pan and heat over medium heat for 1 minute. Add the egg mixture and cook, using a rubber spatula to lift the cooked edges and allow the uncooked eggs to flow underneath, about 2 minutes. Continue cooking until the eggs begin to set, 4 to 6 minutes more.

Lightly brush the shallow pan with the remaining 1 tsp. olive oil and heat over medium heat. Place the shallow pan upside down on top of the deep pan and flip the frittata into the shallow pan. Cook, covered, until the eggs are set, about 6 minutes. (Note: If you do not have a frittata pan heat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit after the the eggs have set place the pan in the oven for 7-14 minutes until a nice brown crust over top the frittata.)

Gently shake the pan to loosen the frittata and slide it onto a serving plate. Serves 8.

10 Reasons Why Schmidt’s My BFF

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For those of you who have been living under a rock and not yet discovered the awesomeness that is Zoey Deschanel in “New Girl” – GET ON THAT ISH!

In all seriousness, this show might very well be the best thing to grace my eyeballs. Never have I ever [insert comedic sexual reference from our teenager years] found a show that so consistently impresses me with comedic and insightful value. And it is not just for girls! The top three people in my life with whom I share this passion – including the regular exchange of quotes from said television show via text or in passing, coupled with no other form of communication or explanation – are all members of the male species. It is glorious. I will admit that the first season is not quite as clever as the second and third; however, I still wish I could live in this world of absolute hilarity.

Alas, I am not here to simply promote this godly production. Nay; I am here to profess my deepest wish: I wish that Schmidt was my best friend. Allow me to elaborate -Schmidt is a dapper young fellow with an abundance of confidence and worldly knowledge originally from Long Island, New York. He is outrageously Jewish and proclaims his Judaism frequently. My undying adoration for him will be expressed through the following sequence of images and situational appropriateness compiled for your enjoyment:


1. When I walk in to my mother’s closet 


2. When I drink to excess at the corporate holiday party 


3. Whenever I turn on the news


4. When I babysit kids who have never heard of Rugrats 


5. When someone asks me how I feel about graduation 




6. When I talk to my friends about their hookups from the night before 


7. Whenever I go shopping 


8. When I’m finally ready to go out 


9. When I stupidly decide to wait in the car 


10. When my boyfriend tries to sext me





6 Things Twenty-Somethings Want For Their Birthday’s

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Happy Birthday Banner

As we grow up, sometimes it’s harder to think of good presents for those around us, or harder for our parents, siblings and family to figure out what exactly it is that we really want. In honor of our co-founder Amanda’s birthday today, we decided to clear the air about six things that twenty-somethings actually want for their birthdays. Go forth and gift.

1. Money

That’s right, cat’s out of the bag. We want money. We are broke around 90% of the time; and you may think that it isn’t a “fun gift”, but honestly, we don’t care. There is always something that we have had our eye on, and we will use that money to get it. No one knows us better than we know ourselves.

2. Designer Life Planners

A life planner. Another fact- most of us are severely over-committed. We would love a Lilly Pulitzer, or Erin Condren life planner to help us keep track of everything on our very full plates. We love sitting down with a multi-colored pack of pens to write in our various assignments, work trips, meetings, days off, and birthdays (there are even color-coded stickers). Very few things are more satisfying than knowing your week is organized and ready to be tackled.

3. Fun Wine Glasses & Wine

These are both classics. From the time we turn twenty-one (and maybe beforehand), we love to receive these on our birthdays. Going through our twenties there are different ways we interact with them. Yes, we may stick a straw in the bottle and call it a day at 21 and 22, but at 25 we may have two glasses with girlfriends before heading out on the town, and at 28 we may use it to create a romantic evening with a loved one, or drink a glass after a crazy work day. The fact is, wine and beautiful wine glasses are an essential part of our twenties.

4. Accessories

Nail Polish, a killer ring, a cute headband, a good watch, a funky pair of earrings. Accessories are the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off. Okay, that isn’t true, but they definitely can spice up an outfit. The most mundane of work day clothes can be brightened and make personal by adding the perfect accessory, and we are always looking. So if you spot one, share it with us.

5. Magazine Subscriptions

This is something that I received as a gift this past year, and I love it. How many times are we temped at the store to buy that People or InStyle? If you are like me it is basically every time we see a new cover. However, it can get expensive, and back to number 1 – we are mostly poor this decade. A subscription service to your favorite two magazines is surprisingly affordable. You can give a People Magazine subscription for around $2.00 an issue, and and a year of InStyle costs around $1.50 an issue.

6. A Beauty Box

For me, BirchBox is the first one that comes to mind. But there are many other options, such as Sample Society, GlossyBox, Ipsy, Beauty Army, and Goode Box. These are great for many reasons, you can pick a service that matches your price range, and you can chose either test or full sized samples. The recipient gets to try samples of make up from companies they may not otherwise have tried, and can find new go to shades to purchase moving forward.

5 Ways to Welcome Summer

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It seems like the warmer weather is finally here to stay. As the horrible winter most of us had (thanks California) fades away, here are five great activities that will make you feel like you’re living in eternal summer:

1. Outdoor Movie Screenings

No matter what city you live in, I’m sure you can find an outdoor venue where you can watch a movie on the big screen. If you don’t, there’s no law against setting up your own make shift drive in! Los Angeles is especially great when it comes to outdoor venue options. If you live here check out this new list for summer: http://laist.com/2014/04/09/outdoor_movie_screenings.php

2. Beachin’ It


What better way to make it feel like summer than a trip to the beach? East coast or west coast, take a little trip and put your toes in the sand. Take a picnic and a frisbee and soak up the rays. Better yet, take a surfing lesson and hit the waves.

3. Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It’s baseball season, and everyone in LA knows what that mean…DODGER DOGS! For those of you that are there for the game and not the food, you’ll have a great time chilling out in the sun and watching America’s pasttime. For those of you like me – there is a plethora of food options at sporting events so nom away.

4. Cruise With The Windows Down

There’s something to be said for just cruising around town with your windows down. Maybe take a wrong turn somewhere and explore your city (keep your GPS close by though!) You might be surprised at what you discover – a new favorite restaurant, cool park or new area of town you’ve never been to.

5. Music Festivals

Coachella is all anyone has been talking about this week here in Los Angeles and that means summer is officially here. There’s nothing quite like sweating in a crowd full of people next to a huge speaker in a field. From Coachella to Bonnaroo there are unlimited options – even smaller festivals are a great way to get into the summer spirit.

What a SOLE-ful Meal

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We all have our favorite dishes, and those we wish we could make. Mine just happens to be the Parmesan Crusted Sole from Romanos Macaroni Grill. However, I do not enjoy paying $18.75 for one dish, so I found the secret to serving four the same delicious, and healthier meal, for the same price.

Parmesan Crusted Sole

Serves 4

4 (6-8 oz) Sole fillets
1 1/2 cups panko bread crumbs
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
4 tablespoons fresh parsley, minced
1/2 teaspoon powdered garlic
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 cup flour
3 eggs
1 cup milk
4 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup Lemon Beurre Blanc (Don’t worry its super easy and I included the recipe at the bottom YUMMM.)

In a food processor blend panko, parmesan and parsley until fine. Transfer to a shallow pan. In a separate pan whip eggs and milk until well combined. In a third pan place the flour.

Take the sole fillets and season with salt, pepper and powdered garlic. Dredge sole in flour, then egg wash and finally in the parmesan/panko mix. Pat the parmesan and panko into the sole until the mix sticks to the fish.

In a large saute pan heat butter and olive oil until hot. Carefully place sole in the pan and shake the pan to make sure the fish doesn’t stick. When sole is golden brown, flip over and continue to cook. When sole is done (120° F internally), transfer to plate and top with lemon beurre blanc.

Lemon Beurre Blanc
Makes 1 cup
1 cup white wine
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
1 tablespoon shallots, minced
4 tablespoons heavy whipping cream
1/4 lb butter – unsalted, chilled, cut into cubes
1/8 teaspoon kosher salt
1/8 teaspoon white pepper
In a sauce pan over medium high heat, combine wine, vinegar and shallots. Reduce until almost a syrup consistency. Add cream and continue to cook reducing by half. Turn the heat to low and add butter cubes 2 at a time while stirring until all the butter is added and sauce is a creamy consistency. Season with salt and pepper.
Note: If the butter is not chilled it will not incorporate into the sauce. Also if the wine mixture is not reduced far enough the sauce will be runny.
Orzo and Spinach
4 ounces julienne-shredded fresh spinach
1/2 small julienne-cut radicchio
1/4 cup pine nuts
1/3 cup sun-dried tomato packed in oil, julienne cut
2 tablespoons capers
3 tablespoons sliced kalamata olives
4 ounces orzo pasta, uncooked
1 tablespoon minced garlic
Juice and zest of one small lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
1/3 cup freshly grated parmesan cheese
Cook orzo according to directions on box, about 9 minutes or until al dente. Heat the olive oil on medium heat. Add garlic and stir, making sure to not let the garlic brown. Add the zest and lemon juice. Toss in the spinach and radicchio and cook until just wilted. Remove from heat and add orzo. Mix. Sprinkle with cheese once it is on the plate.

20 Things Sex & The City Taught Us About Our Twenties

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Sex and the city

In my opinion, Sex and the City is the cornerstone of twenty-something womanhood. That may be a slightly aggressive statement, and yes it may be an old show – but think about it. Have you ever had a problem that hasn’t been addressed in an episode of the show? Haven’t you discussed which of your friends is which character? Have you ever secretly wished that life could happen like the show, that you could have Carrie’s closet, Samantha’s confidence, Miranda’s smarts, and Charlotte’s class? When friends go through bad break ups we heal ourselves with ice-cream, alcohol, a good cry, and a few seasons of SATC. There is an episode for everything you can expect in your twenties. But more important than all the clothes, men and cocktails Sex and the City teaches us all some of the most important lessons that we need to learn as twenty-something’s.

Don’t Compromise Yourself

Dont Compromise Yourself

Everyone Has Issues

  Everyone has issues 2

People Will Judge You- But You Control Your Life

You control Your Life

Embrace Your Sexuality

 Embrace Your Sexuality

Sometimes You Have To Accept Defeat

 Sometimes you have to accept defeat

We Aren’t Meant To Be Tamed

 Women arent meant to be tamed

Release The People That Drag You Down

Release the people that drag you down

Realize What Is Important, And Prioritize It

 Realize whats important

You Don’t Have To Be Positive All The Time

 You dont have to be positive all the time

Our Girlfriends Are Our Soulmates

 Girlfriends are our soul mates

Timing Isn’t Always What You Want It To Be

 Timing Isnt always what you want it to be

Wait For What You Deserve

 Wait for what you deserve

Shopping Is The Best Cardio

 Shopping is the answer

Listen To Your Friends, They Look Out For You

 Listen to your friends

Be Honest

 Be Honest

You Can’t Plan For Everything

 You Cant plan for everything

Embarrassing Things Happen To Everyone

 Embarassing things happen to everyone

Tell It Like It Is

 Tell it like it is

Don’t Let Fear Control You

 Don't let fear control you

Your Most Important Relationship Is With Yourself

The Most important relationship, yourself

The “M” Word

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My parents met just after college. My mother’s childhood best friend had been dating one of my dad’s fraternity brothers. To this day, those brothers are like uncles to me, and all of the kids have grown up together. And there, my dears, lies the foundation of my complete disillusionment.

I had a high school sweetheart. We dated on an off for four or five years. We talked about marriage, but only in the way that kids do when they first fall in love. Then I went off to college confident that I would meet my husband within seconds of my arrival to campus and we would vacation with each other’s families and take adorable pictures at our Greek functions and graduation. Mind you, I was 17 when I started college. Thus began my long string of failed relationships. I began to panic when I reached the end of my sophomore year and had yet to have a “boyfriend” for longer than a few months. What was I doing wrong? I should be halfway to engagement according to my calculations. How was my future husband going to propose to me at graduation in our matching cap and gowns with a bouquet of stargazer lilies if he didn’t hurry up and get here? The stress was real.

I started dating my current boyfriend, Benjamin, in October of 2012, with no intention of it becoming what it is today. He was far from what I had envisioned for myself, sporting a buzz cut, pierced ears, a tattoo, and a Long Island accent. He was a bit shy where I was obnoxiously loud, and he preferred to go mudding whereas I enjoyed polo matches. Never the less, we became inseparable. In May of 2013 we got our puppy, Emma, and that summer spent two weeks at a beach house with his parents and three brothers. As the fall approached, Ben and I were forced to consider the fact that I would be graduating that year, and he would still have one more year of college. Cue wedding commentary.

Our friends began making jokes about how we were going to get married, and my parents began to ask how our relationship was going to play into my career path etc. The year began, and we unofficially lived together with our dog, already cozying up to the routine. Everything was going swell, until some of our other couple friends began to get engaged and others having children. So one night, as we were lying in bed, I asked Ben how he felt about it all. I knew I was the first girl he had dated for this long, but I was curious if he too had planned out his future prior to meeting me. My timeline had long since been disposed of, and I had adopted a new-found sense of acceptance that my life, love and otherwise, would unfold at some point, and it was not to be planned as I had originally attempted.

How do you have a conversation about marriage with your significant other? I was afraid that my avoidance of the topic of “forever” had been a tad insulting to Ben over the years. I by no means meant to imply an impending doom to our relationship, I explained, I just simply had no interest in putting pressure on something that was already working. As I write this, I find myself sounding like Big from Sex and the City. He expressed his opinion that it was not about the years spent with that person, but rather the instinct that kicks in when you find “the one.” I agreed, still nauseous from the subject matter, and rolled over to my side of the bed. I do love you, I said. He reached over for my hand and squeezed it three times (our sign for I love you), and so the conversation ended.

Talking about marriage can be an incredibly difficult conversation to have with your significant other. You might be afraid of not being on the same page, or simply scared of marriage as a whole. For me, I was scared because nothing had gone according to plan. I didn’t know how to approach marriage from any other angle than a college set-up followed by reunions and fraternity / family beach trips. Without my map in front of me, I had no idea how to handle anything. Thankfully, Ben understands the mess that is my brain, and the awkwardness of the conversation was soon forgotten.

For those of you attempting to address the big M, just be honest. Even if your partner is disappointed by your response, at least he or she wont be misguided and ultimately more disappointed by being so.

Boozy Brunch: Mimosa’s and Panini’s

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Steak and Egg Panini orange mimosa

As we all know, there are few things that a twenty-something loves more than a boozy brunch on the weekends. Let’s be honest, if we could do boozy brunch every day of the week, we would. A lot of the fun is the bottomless drinks, and the atmosphere – but occasionally a weekend brunch in the comfort of your own home does just the trick. You can have as many mimosas as you like, you don’t have to drive, take public transport, or hail a cab, and you have full creative power over the menu.

In the spirit of boozy brunch weekends we are bringing you an easy, tasty recipe for a panini and mimosa – go forth and enjoy it!



Steak Panini Grocery List: Serves 6

  • 2 rib-eye steaks, each about 12 oz.
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 Tbs. chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  • 1 Tbs. chopped fresh chives
  • 6 Tbs. (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, melted
  • 12 slices sourdough bread, each about 1/2 inch thick
  • 6 slices cheddar cheese
  • Hot sauce for serving (optional)



  • Preheat an electric panini press to high (400°F) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Season the steaks with salt and pepper. Place the steaks on the panini press.
  • Close the lid and cook for 3 to 5 minutes for medium-rare, or until done to your liking.
  • Transfer the steaks to a cutting board, cover loosely with aluminum foil and let rest for 5 minutes.
  • Cut the steaks into strips 1/4 inch wide.
  • In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, parsley, chives, salt and pepper.
  • In a nonstick fry pan over medium heat, warm 2 Tbs. of the melted butter.
  • Add the egg mixture and, using a silicone spatula, stir frequently until soft curds form, 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Remove the scrambled eggs from the heat.
  • Reduce the heat on the panini press to medium (350°F).
  • Brush one side of each bread slice with the remaining 4 Tbs. melted butter.
  • Lay 6 slices, buttered side down, on a work surface, and arrange 3 or 4 steak slices on each one.
  • Top each with 1/4 cup scrambled eggs and 1 cheese slice.
  • Top with another bread slice, buttered side up.
  • Place 2 sandwiches on the panini press and close the lid. Cook until the sandwiches are nicely grill-marked and the cheese has melted, about 3 minutes. Repeat with the remaining sandwiches.
  • Serve with hot sauce. (optional)



Mimosa’s are a great staple drink to have in your back pocket for brunches. They are simple, and the perfect ratio of champagne to juice can not be beaten. Especially now that spring has arrived this cocktail has taken its rightful place at my brunch table.


  • Champagne
  • Fruit Juice (I prefer Orange, although feel free to choose your favorite citrus juice)
  • Frozen Berries, Slice of Orange (optional)



  • Take out 6 Champagne flutes
  • Rinse them with water and place in the freezer to chill
  • Remove flutes from freezer, and drop some fresh berries of your choice
  • Fill the flutes half way with Champagne
  • Fill the rest of the glass with your juice of choice
  • Add a slice of Orange
  • Enjoy


Invite some friends over for a boozy brunch and get to snacking, you deserve it.