5 Ways to Welcome Summer

Friends, Real World


It seems like the warmer weather is finally here to stay. As the horrible winter most of us had (thanks California) fades away, here are five great activities that will make you feel like you’re living in eternal summer:

1. Outdoor Movie Screenings

No matter what city you live in, I’m sure you can find an outdoor venue where you can watch a movie on the big screen. If you don’t, there’s no law against setting up your own make shift drive in! Los Angeles is especially great when it comes to outdoor venue options. If you live here check out this new list for summer: http://laist.com/2014/04/09/outdoor_movie_screenings.php

2. Beachin’ It


What better way to make it feel like summer than a trip to the beach? East coast or west coast, take a little trip and put your toes in the sand. Take a picnic and a frisbee and soak up the rays. Better yet, take a surfing lesson and hit the waves.

3. Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It’s baseball season, and everyone in LA knows what that mean…DODGER DOGS! For those of you that are there for the game and not the food, you’ll have a great time chilling out in the sun and watching America’s pasttime. For those of you like me – there is a plethora of food options at sporting events so nom away.

4. Cruise With The Windows Down

There’s something to be said for just cruising around town with your windows down. Maybe take a wrong turn somewhere and explore your city (keep your GPS close by though!) You might be surprised at what you discover – a new favorite restaurant, cool park or new area of town you’ve never been to.

5. Music Festivals

Coachella is all anyone has been talking about this week here in Los Angeles and that means summer is officially here. There’s nothing quite like sweating in a crowd full of people next to a huge speaker in a field. From Coachella to Bonnaroo there are unlimited options – even smaller festivals are a great way to get into the summer spirit.


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