About Us

Hello, fellow twenty-somethings!

Welcome to the one place where being lost, excited, and perhaps a bit spastic is completely acceptable – even normal. We are here to share our thoughts and experiences with you as we navigate through this crazy journey!

Join us if you share our curiosity for life and all the trials and tribulations that come with being in your twenties!


The Twenty-Something Team


Lauren Harbury

Co-Founder & Editor In Chief

Lauren is a twenty-something strategic communications graduate and pr professional, figuring out this thing that people call the real world. She is an avid reader and writer, mother to two rescue pups, a tea drinker and a sunshine lover – mysteriously located in Portland, OR. Her love for good food, beer and lululemon knows no limits.


Amanda Gadsden

Co-Founder & Senior Staff Writer

Amanda is a twenty-something with a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. A native of Charlotte, NC, she enjoys all things food-related (not so much cooking…mainly just the eating part…). She is an aspiring psychiatrist and specializes in bad jokes laced with sarcasm and just a hint of (what she likes to think of as) wit. Drink of choice: pomegranate martini.

Tyler Rose

Tyler Rose

Co-Founder & Senior Staff Writer

Tyler is a twenty-something Marketing and Entrepreneurship double major graduate who currently lives in Houston, TX. In her free time, Tyler is a movie obsessed, red wine loving, dog adoring individual who spends way too much of her free time sleeping to actually enjoy any of those things (just kidding). Her favorite quote is by Shakespeare: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none,” which is a mindset she tries to incorporate in her twenty-something writing.


Lindsay Glosson


Lindsay is a twenty-one-year-old living in Raleigh, North Carolina. She will be receiving her Bachelor of Arts and Science degree this spring with a major in Creative Writing and a double minor in Communications and Religious Studies. Lover of the water, trips to the zoo, and historical fiction, Lindsay is the proud mother of a mutt named Emma whom she shamelessly spoils.


Terez Evans

Staff Writer

Terez is a twenty-something year old graduate currently living in Winston Salem, NC with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Biological Ethics. Passionate about academics, Terez also received a BS in nursing and is now working as a Nurse auditor and compliance coordinator for a major hospital chain. In his spare time, Terez enjoys cooking (and is currently authoring a cookbook), watching Doctor Who, playing the cello and drinking wine.


Brittany Barbieri

Staff Writer

Brittany is twenty-something, living in Los Angeles, California and working in the entertainment industry. She has a degree in Media Arts and Entertainment with a minor in Creative Writing. She loves trips to the beach, Barnes & Noble, and watching teen dramas on Netflix. Brittany hopes to one day write a novel and live in a beachfront home with a wrap-around porch.



Staff Writer

Erica is a twenty-something living in Chapel Hill, NC. A graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she is currently working in research before medical school. She is a mother of a rescue dog, lover of good food, craft beer and red wine, and is filled with wanderlust.

Tyler Munson

Tyler Munson

Staff Writer

Tyer is twenty-something and lives in Charlotte, NC. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Spanish and works as a Marketing Consultant for a major bank chain. In his free time, Tyler likes to binge-watch Netflix series, take mini-adventures with his friends, and generally live life to the fullest. As an added credential, Tyler was also voted clumsiest in his senior class.


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