8 Cocktails For Spring

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Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Sunshine, music, patios, friends, family and the wind in your hair. What’s missing? The perfect cocktail. Lets be honest, this week is completely crawling by at a snails pace, and I need something fun to look forward to making this weekend. Here are 8 simple recipes for great spring and summer cocktails, weekend wisely!

Counting down to my all time favorite we are starting with…

08 – Kir Royale

Courtesy of Google

Courtesy of Google









Ingredients: Creme de Cassis, Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

  •  Pour 1 Oz of Creme de cassis in the glass
  •  Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine
  •  Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object
  •  If you have a cherry just throw it in your drink.

07 – Long Island Iced Tea

Courtesy of Cocktails.com

Courtesy of Cocktails.com







Ingredients: 1 Oz Vodka,1 Oz Gin,1 Oz White Rum,1 Oz Silver Tequila ,1 Oz Triple sec,1.5 Oz Sweet and Sour mix,Splash of Coke,8 Ice cubes of ice

  • Pour the vodka and gin
  • Add the rum, tequila and triple sec
  • Add the sweet and sour mix
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Shake it ! 12 times at least
  • Fill your highball glass with ice, fill it to the top.Strain the cocktail into your glass
  • Strain the cocktail into the glass over the ice
  • Save a little room for the coke, top the drink with it
  • Drink or serve it, garnish with a lemon wedge

06 – Margarita

Courtesy of Chow.com

Courtesy of Chow.com

Ingredients: 2 Oz Tequila,1 Oz Orange liqueur,Juice of 1 lime or lemon,0.5 Oz of simple syrup or Lime Cordial,8 Ice cubes or crushed ice

  • Pour all ingredients into the shaker.
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Add the fresh lime juice or just squeeze a whole lime inside
  • Shake it hard! 12 times at least
  • Strain the cocktail into your chilled glass or strain over ice (margarita on the rocks)
  • Place a lime peel on the rim of the glass or put salt on the rim of the glass. If you want to “salt your rim” check out our cocktail guru tip at the bottom of this page.
  • Drink or serve it, your Perfect Margarita is ready to drink!

05 – Mimosa

Courtesy of Inspired Taste

Courtesy of Inspired Taste

Ingredients: Half a glass of orange juice,Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

  • Fill half of your glass with orange juice, make sure it’s cold
  • Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine
  • Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object

04 – Apple Martini

Courtesy of Gustologist

Courtesy of Gustologist

Ingredients: 1.5 Oz Apple flavored vodka,1 Oz Sour apple liqueur or apple flavored schnapps,Dash Midori,1 Oz Pineapple juice,1 Oz Apple juice,8-10 Ice cubes

  • Pour the alcohol into your shaker
  • Add apple and pineapple juice
  • Add ice
  • Stir 12 times
  • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass or over fresh ice a tall glass
  • Drink or serve it, your cocktail is ready to drink!>
  • Garnish with three apple pieces on a toothpick

03 – Bellini

Courtesy of Laylita

Courtesy of Laylita

Ingredients: One third of a glass of peach puree or juice,Two thirds of Chilled champagne or sparkling wine

  • Muddle a whole peach (or skip this step and just pour peach juice in the the glass)
  • Tilt the glass and fill it with your champagne or sparkling wine
  • Give it a stir with you bar spoon or any long thin object

02 – Cosmopolitan

Courtesy of InspiredTaste

Courtesy of InspiredTaste

Ingredients: 2 Oz citron vodka ,1 Oz orange liqueur ,1 Oz Cranberry Juice ,Dash of Lime Cordial ,8 Ice cubes or crushed ice ,Lime peel for garnish

  • Chill the martini glass (click here if you want to know how)
  • Pour the liqueur and vodka to your shaker
  • Pour the cranberry and cordial to your shaker
  • Add the fresh lime juice or just squeeze a half of lime inside
  • Fill shaker with ice
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Stir it! 12 times at least
  • Strain your cocktail into the chilled glass

01 – Mojito

Courtesy of MyRecipes

Courtesy of MyRecipes

Ingredients: 1 Spoon white sugar ,2 Oz White Rum,Hand full of Mint leaves ,Half of one lime cut into 3 wedges ,Splash of club soda ,1.5 Oz Sweet and Sour Mix ,8 Ice cubes or crushed ice

  • Muddle the mint, limes and sugar, muddle until you actually smell the mint.
  • Add 2 Oz of Rum
  • Add the sweet and sour mix
  • Add 8 ice cubes
  • Shake it hard! 20 times at least
  • Double Strain into the glass full of crushed ice
  • Top the drink with club soda
  • Add 5 fresh new mint leaves and a lime wedge on top and serve it, your perfect drink is ready!

What you should know about getting an IUD

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birth control

Ever since we got acne, and my first friend started “doing it,” birth control has been a hot topic; and as twenty-something’s the myriad of choices can be overwhelming. Many of my twenty-something friends have chosen to switch their birth control option to an intrauterine device (IUD). I started taking The Pill when I was 16; and by the time 22 came around, I was sick and tired of filling my body with hormones, day after day. I’m also terrible at remembering to take meds, and I know many of my friends are too. No matter how many reminders I set, I would inevitably skip a day or two and have to make up for it. So, when I heard about a birth control option that would last me 5-10 years without having to think about it after the first few months, would prevent me from having hormones pumping through my body, and would be completely reversible whenever (if-ever) I so choose? Well, I was on board.

But before you make a decision about sticking with your birth control pill, or switching to an IUD, there are some things that you absolutely need to know.

Types of IUDs

An IUD basically looks like a small piece of plastic shaped like a T that gets inserted into your uterus. The two most popular versions of an IUD are ParaGard and Mirena.

ParaGard: made of copper which basically makes your uterus toxic to sperm (pretty cool, right?)

Pros- 99% effective, lasts up to 10 years, hormone-free (!!)

Cons- heavier, longer-lasting periods

Mirena: releases progestin that makes your body prevent sperm from entering the uterus

Pros- 99% effective, lasts up to 5 years, shorter and lighter periods (most women no longer get a period after 3 months… and that’s totally fine for your body!)

Cons- local release of hormones (but, at least it’s not pumping through your whole body like The Pill)

The Insertion Process

So, you can usually only get an IUD inserted at a gynecologist’s office or at Planned Parenthood. You will discuss your options, sign forms, take some ibuprofen, and get set up in the stirrups. Some places will give you a local anesthetic, and I highly suggest you ask for it. You can place a pill close to the cervix to soften it, and make it easier and less painful to place the device. They insert the speculum, then take some time to switch gloves to be sterile, and then insert that thing right into your cervix. Which hurts. Like a bitch. Not gonna lie (I did not have local anesthetic). Then you’re done. There is a 1/1000 risk of perforation (i.e. the IUD punctures your uterus), but your doc can usually tell if that happens. I had some minor bleeding, some slight dizziness from the pain, but then was sent off on my way to deal with my terrible cramps for the next 24-48 hours. (I would definitely recommend having nothing planned for the day you have this done, although I do have a friend who got hers implanted and then drove two hours to college on move in day). Everyone’s pain levels are different. Some people have no cramping or issues the next day, others don’t want to get out of bed for 2 days (and I have a friend who couldn’t drive herself home after the appointment), I was fine after 24 hours. So prepare for anything.


So that little plastic piece that is now in your uterus has two little strings that hang off of it, which hang out in your vagina. (After a few months they usually wrap up around your cervix and are gone.) In those first 3 months you want to check and make sure those strings are in the same place. Are they shorter? Are they longer? Does it feel different? If so, go see your physician ASAP because it’s an indication that the IUD moved out of place. There’s only a 2-3% chance this happens, but hey it happened to me! One day my strings were longer, I saw my physician, and my IUD had moved, so I had it removed and replaced.


Without insurance, an IUD generally costs $1000. Fortunately, with my insurance it was covered at 100% (I didn’t even have to pay a co-pay). Thanks Obamacare!! Check with your insurance provider.


There are so many options for birth control these days, take the time to do your research and speak with your physician when deciding what option is the best for you. Every body is different, so make sure you are choosing the right option for you.


Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. This information is based on my personal experience and the information I received from my physician and reputable sources.

Wait, why can’t we do that?

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Have you ever asked a friend to go to the bar on a Friday night, and been met with a resounding no? This is something that I have heard along with the argument that we did that in college, but can’t really do that anymore. This is usually followed by: “Man I wish we could still do that.” … Well, why can’t we?

I’m not going to stop having fun just because I’m not in college anymore. Yes, it may mean that I can’t go out on a Tuesday night, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t go out to bars on the weekends, stay out a little late and have a good time. We just graduated from college, we didn’t move into a retirement home. We are only 23 years old! The end of college is a huge transition, but we can’t let it become bigger than ourselves. We have to take control, just as we did in college.

As I have gotten older and heard stories parents and their friends, I know they didn’t completely shut down after college and neither should we. As I like to say, we are still full of energy and can still “hang.” Obviously, we need to maintain a level of maturity, but we are still far from figuring everything out and like in college, we need to enjoy the ride because it doesn’t end when you walk across that stage.

I think people have this mentality because they have unrealistic expectations of adult life. It’s as if they equate leaving college to getting 20 years older instantly. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fast forward. This stage of my life is riddled with more excitement and uncertainty than the last four years and I love it. The adventure is fun. I can’t understand those people who feel like they have to put it in neutral after college. Now, more than ever before, is the time to shift it into gear and take advantage of everything that is in front of us.

In college, you’re the most open to new experiences, more forward thinking and constantly learning. My challenge to you is to do make time to do something that you would consider “only something you would have done in college,” as long as it’s within reason. This especially applies to people living in a new city. Go out this weekend, do something with friends, let loose, meet new people. College is only the end if you see it that way.

The Internship Experience: Interviews

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Now that you’ve spent hours on the computer searching for the right internship, let’s move on the next big step in the internship experience: the interview.

Congratulations! One of your top choices for internships asked for a phone interview! What’s next?

  • Do your research – you should always know the general history of the company in question as well as their current projects and projections.
  • Build a list of potential questions – have an idea of how you might respond to questions concerning your strengths, weaknesses, and experience.
  • Have questions for them – show interest in the company by asking about the company culture and address questions or concerns that you may have stumbled upon during your research.

And if the interview is in person, follow the above steps and take it one step further with your attire. Depending on the field, your dress should be relatively conservative – ladies, no short skirts or dresses, no cleavage, and avoid shoulders. Think of the interview as a Sunday brunch with your significant other’s grandparents. Colors can make you stand out, but avoid obnoxious patterns and loud jewelry. You want to stand out – your outfit should reflect your personality!

Dos –

  • Bring copies of your resume – print them on nice paper
  • Have a nice folder for your resumes – don’t just pull them out all crumpled up
  • Be honest – never lie in an interview; it could come back to bite you
  • Arrive early for the interview – punctuality is key
  • Carry yourself with confidence – you got this!
  • Send a thank you note – this shows that you are both mature and professional


  • Be too relaxed – you should be on your game until you walk out the door
  • Bad mouth your other jobs – this is unprofessional and unattractive
  • Don’t bring up salary or benefits until the interviewer does – follow his or her lead

25 Signs You’ve Found Your Person


1. They are the first person you call with anything. Every time.

2. They always know what your mood is. They don’t even need an explanation. They just know.

3. You can do anything together. Whether it’s a crazy night out, a lazy night in, a drive in silence, breakfast in bed, mindless errands, or a dance party in your underwear. You always belong together.

4. They will do anything for you. Drop whatever they are doing and be there for you.

5. They often know you better than you know yourself.

6. You know the smallest things about each other. (I know my person’s favorite sound is the popping noise when you open a new tube of mascara.)

7. They know your deepest or dirtiest secrets and they never ever hold them over you.

8. You’ve been present for some of those moments that are their deepest secrets.

9. They always know what you need and when you need it. (My person once handed me a bottle of wine, a straw, and three magazines after a particularly awful day.)

10. They make you a better person.

11. You have plans to live together. With or without significant others doesn’t even matter. Nothing will come between you.

12. Your significant other knows to never even try to come between you two.

13. You have more than once discussed leaving the opposite sex behind in favor of starting a party nunnery in the remote wilderness.

14. You can physically feel their absence when you’re apart.

15. You don’t even need words to express what you are thinking, a look will do it.

16. There is never anything too big, or too small about which to tell them. (Does my person really care that I stubbed my toe and now I’m walking with a limp? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.)

17. Even when they know something is bothering you, they give you the time to think it out, then help you figure out how to solve the problem.

18. You know that guy you broke up with five years ago and still bugs you? They hate him on principle, and not just because they are always on your side.

19. Have a family crisis? They will always be there with a phone call, hug, flowers, and anything else they can provide. Especially because your family considers them family.

20. They will carry you home if they have to – and sometimes they do.

21. They will make you laugh at the things you once thought would make you die of embarrassment.

22. They know how to perk you up no matter what. They know the difference between a bad day that needs ice cream, one that needs tears, and one that needs liquor – and they can tell just by looking at you.

23. They help you make your dreams into realities.

24. When something threatens to tear you apart, they are there to put you back together again, and make sure you are stronger than before.

25. You just know.


The Internship Experience: The Search is On

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It is finally here: a blog series about internships. Having just gone through the process of applying to over 200 internship opportunities, I believe it’s safe to say that I have more than enough experience. This series will address the entire process of internships from applications to interviews to portfolio development. So get your pens and pencils ready to jot dot a few notes as we go through this together!

I. Searching for the right internship

It’s really important to have a few “must haves” on your list when searching for internships:

1. College Credit or No

2. Paid or Unpaid

3. Location

4. Field

Once you have decided on the answers for these four “must haves”, you’ll have a checklist with which to review each potential opportunity!

Secondly, if you’re going for college credit, be sure to utilize your school’s professional development center. Often times there are alumni who are available for networking and could provide you with not only helpful advice, but also point out unique opportunities. Part of the development center’s purpose is to help with resumes as well. It is important that you have your resume perfected and printed on professional paper before you begin applying to positions.

A helpful search engine designed to guide students in their search for internships is internships.com. This website allows you to develop a profile in which you can display your resume and fields of interest, and as you search for opportunities, you can link your profile to your applications to allow employers a deeper insight into who you are. Internships.com makes the search process much easier, even allowing you to narrow your search based on our four “must haves”!

Remember to be honest with yourself and employers. When searching for an internship, don’t apply to things that don’t interest you completely or are in fields where you have little to no experience. Internships involve more than one person, and if you are not passionate about the experience or capable of performing the necessary duties, it wont be enjoyable for anyone. If you have questions or concerns about the skills desired for a position or the duties that will be required of you, reach out to the employer and get clarification before applying, they would rather you ask a million questions than hire someone who isn’t the right fit.

Stay tuned for the next step in the internship process as we take on the ever-dreaded interview!

3 Ways to Break It Off

Relationships & Sex

I’ve spent the last 8 months or so in the world of online dating. I’m in a transient stage of my life and meeting new people has become somewhat of an entertaining pastime. I’ve found that one of the most awkward situations to navigate is how to stop talking to someone. Maybe you’ve been talking on Tinder, or texting for several hours, days or weeks, maybe you’ve been on a date or two or maybe you’ve been hooking up, but in any of these situations…what is the best way to indicate you’re no longer really into this anymore? I’m not talking about breaking up with someone (there are some pretty clear social rules on that one), I’m talking about ending something that barely even seems to have had a beginning.

Here are three ways people go about doing this:

1. You play the “busy” card.

You say you just happen to be incessantly busy over the next few days or weeks and hope they get the hint.

2. The silent treatment.

Just let silence do the talking.

3. You be honest.

You flat out tell them you’re just no longer interested in having them in your life. Maybe you give the specific reason why, maybe not. But you are defining the end.

The Busy Card

Personally, I only play this card if I don’t feel like seeing them now, but may want to in the future. Because honestly, sometimes I am incredibly busy! I’m one of those people who is only happy if their week is pushing the boundaries of over-booked. The more people I can see and things I can get done in one week can become somewhat of a game. So when I tell a guy I’m busy, I’m genuinely busy. So the fact that this card is played so often makes guys I’m talking to take a “hint” I’m not generally trying to send. But honestly, if I don’t care that much to make time for them, they probably aren’t that great anyway… In the end, the busy card leaves mixed signals: is someone really that busy? Did that guy really get called into work on a Sunday night? Is his family really in town this weekend? The world will never know.

The Silent Treatment

I have to admit… this has become my strategy of choice. Come on people…be honest, I know we have all done this. As terrible as it may be to ignore someone who at the very least has invested a few texts back and forth, or perhaps a date or two, this is the easiest option. I have the firm belief that if someone wants to see you, they will make it happen (ahem…lessons learned from He’s Just Not That Into You). So, if I haven’t heard from a guy in a week or two, I pretty much write him off. Now, this has back-fired on me, particularly when the guy has the exact same philosophy. But that’s an exception to the rule…. (get it?). This is the cruelest strategy because it always leaves the other person with the smallest glimmer of hope that there is a possibility you truly are just busy and can’t get to your phone or take the time. Leaving that small feeling of hope may be cruel, but I like it… if a guy starts ignoring me it allows me to come up with any silly excuse that definitely does NOT involve the thought that they just didn’t like me. I mean, of course I know everyone won’t like me, but it’s nice to pretend that’s not the case, am I right?


Obviously, this is the toughest strategy. I tend to save this one only for guys I’ve invested serious time in. If I’ve been seeing you consistently for at least a month, you can expect that you’ll get an honest end. I think this is generally because I’ve had time to gain respect for this person. If I respect you enough to give you a straight-up dose of honesty, that means I genuinely care(d) for you. Sometimes I sugarcoat the truth, or blame things on myself, to lessen a blow if I know it will hurt them, but the most successful ending to a “something that never really had a beginning relationship” I’ve ever had ended in pure and complete honesty. It was hard to spit out, but once I did, my worries vanished. Maybe honesty is the best policy? But I would personally hate to hear “well, I thought you were cool but upon getting to know you better, I no longer want you to be a chapter in my story, so bye.” Ouch. I’ve never been on the receiving end on a spoonful of honesty, so the jury is still out on this one for me.

How do you handle cutting it off?

There’s Never a Right Time to Say Goodbye

College, Real World

As a recent college graduate and a full-fledged twentysomething, I sometimes find myself drowning in nostalgia about my beloved university. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (my alma mater and the greatest university in the world…but I digress) has changed my life in more ways that I can even count. There is something equally exhilarating and terrifying about graduating from college and taking your first steps into the real world. There’s the freedom to begin living life on your own terms coupled with the responsibility of knowing that course of the rest of your life rests solely in your hands. For me, college was the perfect time to learn who I was and experience life in a whole new way.I wrote the following a couple of months ago and it still sums up perfectly how I feel about leaving the comforts of undergrad and entering this next phase of my life.


The last four years have gone by faster than I could have ever imagined. I still remember stepping onto campus for the first time, overwhelmed by the vastness of this unknown town. I was afraid: afraid that I wouldn’t survive away from home, afraid that I wouldn’t make new friends, afraid that I would fail my classes, afraid that I would NEVER learn my way around. Change scared me – it’s always scared me – and I initially shied away from the challenge of conquering this new terrain.

Now, four years later, August is right around the corner and it’s slowly sinking in that I won’t be returning to the safety and serenity of my beloved Chapel Hill. I won’t be fighting through the crowds on South Road at Fall Fest, determined to get free pizza even if it killed me. I won’t be sitting in Polk Place for sunset serenade, swaying with my fellow Tar Heels as the Clefs welcome the dawn of a new school year. I won’t be setting new records for how fast I can get from one corner of campus to another to catch the bus home. I won’t be visiting Alpine Bagel so often that they memorize my order. I won’t be screaming my head off in the stands at football games or entering basketball lotteries in the vain attempt to get tickets. I won’t be wading through the Pit on rainy days trying to get to class on time. I won’t be spending late nights in Davis Library trying to finish a paper or study for a test that I pushed off until the last minute. All of the memories are just that now. Memories. And it hurts.


It hurts because Chapel Hill has given me more than I could have ever asked for. I’ve been taught by world-class professors in a variety of subjects. I’ve experienced school spirit unparalleled by any other university in the country. I’ve met people from all walks of life and made some of the most incredible, life-changing friends. I’ve seen the sun set over Polk Place and the flowers bloom around the Old Well. I’ve learned so much about myself and I’ve learned how to be comfortable in my own skin. Somewhere between Franklin Street and Manning Drive, I found my voice.

I don’t know where the next chapter of my life is going to take me…and I’m afraid. Afraid that I won’t survive away from home. Afraid that I won’t make new friends. Afraid that I won’t learn my way around a new city. Afraid that I don’t have what it takes to be successful. But I’ve had these feelings before, and a quiet little town gave me the confidence to face the world head on. So thank you, Chapel Hill. For your safety. For your love. For your spirit. For your lessons. For the good times. For the bad times.  For the ups and downs. For the laughter. For the friendships. For the memories. You’ll always be my Southern Part of Heaven. Until we meet again, hark the sound.


That One Question


I have come to the conclusion that every adult enjoys watching the pure terror that washes over a college senior’s face when asked the most worn out question in the history of the world, “So what are your plans for after graduation?”

That being said, I do take pleasure in responding with some ludicrous plan to sell my body or write novels on napkins.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that some may have good intentions when asking this question, and I do appreciate their attempted interest. But for the love of all things holy, at what point did a flashing, neon sign appear above my head that reads, please reinforce my total lack of preparedness for the real world?

Once upon a time, my babysitters seemed eons ahead of me in the world. They had boyfriends with facial hair. They wore perfume and carried purses. Yet here I am, twenty-one, at least three or four years older than those babysitters had been, and I still don’t have a signature scent.

We spend all our lives fighting our parents and telling them how grown-up we are, but are we really? Because I still like to wear my fleece pajama bottoms with the puppies on them; and I still need my mom’s help when it comes to cooking. We’re supposed to reach our senior years with this newfound sense of confidence and maturity, ready to take on the big bad world. I can’t be the only person who feels wildly inadequate to take on adulthood. If I am, don’t tell me. I find comfort in the delusion of a shared fear of the future.

Perhaps it’s okay that we don’t always know how to answer that question. Perhaps it’s the brainstorming that’s important, the minutes or hours spent googling or frantically rearranging our portfolios. You see, when someone asks us what we have planned for ourselves, we’re reminded that life is rolling on. We’re reminded that twenty-something will soon be forty-something, and that those first-day-of-school pictures are not the yesterdays we remember. It’s scary, but it’s true.

So here is my question to you: what do you have planned?

Galentines Day

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Galentines Day is something I have been hearing a lot lately, and the more I think about it, the more I love it. There are so many days to celebrate being in a relationship – from anniversaries to life achievements. But how many days are there that give us the chance to reach out and tell our best gals how much they mean to us? There are those random days of appreciation showing, and there are the constant conversations and text threads, advice giving, bitching sessions and general catching up. There are some that still write letters (which I love).

I think we all appreciate and love on our best friends on a regular basis – but hey, why not say it again today. To all my ladies – you are my rocks, I love ya’ll.

Here are five reasons why our gal pals are the glue that holds life together.

They are the best support system

There is nothing quite like the support of your best friends. They are there to cheer with you on happy occasions, be a shoulder to cry on during sad times, and are there for every boring and interesting point along the way. Who else would have porch talks with you at 4am for no reason?

You have an unbreakable bond

There are so many quotes that talk about the difference between friends and best friends, and I find most of them to be true. Friends are great – but your best friends know you inside and out, they have seen your worst, your best and everything in-between. You can’t hide feelings from them if you try, and they don’t want you to. When times are bad they yell at you “Hey I’m life and I’m biting you in the ass” and they drag you back out of your shell and into the limelight.


For all of their love and support, they are not afraid to put you in your place when you need it. Ever afraid that you are acting crazy? Put it out there for your ladies – you will know definitively as soon as you look at their faces. Think your situation is the worst in the world? They will always put it in perspective.

They keep you humble

Remember the time you threw up on your curtains? Or the time that you slept with a hushpuppy in your bed? How about when you couldn’t get the sparkles out of your hair for three weeks? How about the time you let your best friend convince you to feed pigeons? Or the time you rolled in the grass and sat on a cigarette? Your virginity losing story? Now you do. It’s important to learn to laugh at yourself – these are the ladies that help you learn how.

Distance is Irrelevant

Remember that feeling that you had when you left high school? And then when you left college? (if you aren’t there yet count yourselves lucky).  The nerves that you felt as you blindly wandered into the world and thought to yourself “who am I without these women by my side?” I have some news for you – distance does not matter. Those friendships will always be there, some may even grow stronger.

Cheers ladies – Here’s to Galentines Day.

*Originally Published on Thought Catalog*