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During our twenties a we get the opportunity to explore our sexuality, so in the spirit of adventure I want to take a moment to tell you about some sex toys that can be great for the gentlemen. Some of these take an open mind, and some are fairly straight forward, but all can be wonderful when approached with the right attitude and setting.



Flight by Fleshlight Male Masturbator

The number one selling sex toy for men just got even better.

This fleshlight is very discreet and it is textured with an aerodynamic exterior and incredibly bumpy canal to take you to new heights of pleasure.


The Nexus Anal Starter Kit

The Nexus anal starter kit

The Nexus anal starter kit comprises of three solid silicone butt plugs of different sizes, designed for the user to start small and work their way up.

Each is made from silky smooth silicone and anatomically shaped to fit comfortably for ultimate pleasure.

Small is a great introduction or warm up to anal play whilst medium and large push you to further heights and can also be used for male prostate stimulation.

These plugs have just the right amount of flexibility so you can be both stimulated and comfortable.


The Cock Ring

I seriously wonder why any man has sex without one of these. A simple cock ring attaches around the base of the penis or scrotum, trapping blood inside the penis. What this means is a rock hard erection from a stiff breeze.

Unlike your high school days of discovering women’s bra straps for the first time, however, you’re not going to have an orgasm without some serious effort on your part. Before you talk to your doctor about Viagra, talk to your local porn store clerk about a cock ring.


The P(Prostate) Spot Dildo

Gentlemen, I know this isn’t the easiest topic to get into, but let me be blunt: Stop being a baby and get to know your prostate. Feels good, man. There’s something a little childish and well, unmanly about a man who’s afraid to experience the pleasure of his own butthole.

You might not actually be into it, but unless you do some serious fiddling around down there, you’re never going to know for sure. And hey, if you can’t get down with the brown, you can at least get into some perineum stuff. That’s also called “the taint.” Press hard on it and it feels good. Try it. Right now.



Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner’s arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized. These restraints will fill your world with pleasure.



6 Ways to Tell You’ve Got a Keeper

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Every relationship has its high and low points, and those of us living outside fairy tales know that relationships require work. So how do you know the one you have is worth it?

1. You Can Sit In Comfortable Silence

There’s something so relaxing about just being able to sit with someone and not having to worry about filling the silence. We’ve all chattered nervously because we don’t want it to be awkward – therefore making it more awkward. When you can be in the same space with someone, but also be doing your own thing, it’s amazing. Maybe they’re online and you’re reading a book, or maybe you’re just watching TV together but don’t feel the need to fill the void with conversation just for the sake of it. So much can be said in silence and what you’re saying to your S.O. is “hey, I’m comfortable with you.”

2. Your S.O. Asks About Your Day (and actually listens & cares about your answer)

Honestly, I can’t imagine a relationship where my boyfriend didn’t genuinely ask me “how was your day?” It blows my mind that there are some people that couldn’t give a care in the world how their partner’s day was. I’m sorry but if you don’t feel like listening to me talk about my experiences and thoughts then why the hell am I wasting my time with you? Communication is the foundation of any relationship and not asking or caring about that other person’s experiences, accomplishments, fears etc. completely cuts the relationship off at the knees.

3. You Can Laugh Together During Sex

Fairly self-explanatory and also so important. There are all different types of hookups: sultry, romantic, sweet, and just plain funny. Sometimes it seems like everything you’re doing either looks weird or isn’t really working, plus bodies make funny noises when combined. You’ve got to be the kind of couple that’s just going to laugh and roll with whatever hi-jinks end up occurring.

4. You Don’t Worry About Always Looking Perfect

Women have unrealistic beauty standards bombarded at them from every angle- TV shows, ads, photo-shopped magazine covers and even Target ads. It’s a constant battle of hair and makeup products, painting our nails, shaving our legs, hiding zits and our “problem areas” and trying to be fashionable – but you know, look “natural” at the same time. I like playing around with products and dressing up as much as the next girl but it’s a great feeling when I can spend a whole weekend in yoga pants with no make-up on and never once feel ugly or like I need to try harder in order to keep my man’s attention.

5. You Share A Sense Of Humor (for the most part)

How am I going to go through life with someone that can’t make me laugh? Answer: I’m not. We all know that life is full of less than glamorous moments. When times are hard and I need someone to be there for me, I want them to help me find the humor in the situation and make me laugh. This does not mean make light of my situation or problems, but knowing how to diffuse hard moments with (appropriate) humor is invaluable.

6. They Aren’t Threatened By Your Success

This is a big one. There was a time period when I was making more money than my boyfriend and he did not care. Now, after some job reshuffling, he makes more money and I couldn’t be prouder because he deserves it. A healthy relationship can’t thrive when jealousy and underlying tension about jobs and money exists. Someone who feels emasculated because you happen to be great at your job and reap the rewards needs to shape up real quick. If you get the vibe that your S.O. can’t handle your professional goals or success, you may need to start searching for someone who is ready to be in a relationship with a confident and goal-oriented individual like your fine self.


What you should know about getting an IUD

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birth control

Ever since we got acne, and my first friend started “doing it,” birth control has been a hot topic; and as twenty-something’s the myriad of choices can be overwhelming. Many of my twenty-something friends have chosen to switch their birth control option to an intrauterine device (IUD). I started taking The Pill when I was 16; and by the time 22 came around, I was sick and tired of filling my body with hormones, day after day. I’m also terrible at remembering to take meds, and I know many of my friends are too. No matter how many reminders I set, I would inevitably skip a day or two and have to make up for it. So, when I heard about a birth control option that would last me 5-10 years without having to think about it after the first few months, would prevent me from having hormones pumping through my body, and would be completely reversible whenever (if-ever) I so choose? Well, I was on board.

But before you make a decision about sticking with your birth control pill, or switching to an IUD, there are some things that you absolutely need to know.

Types of IUDs

An IUD basically looks like a small piece of plastic shaped like a T that gets inserted into your uterus. The two most popular versions of an IUD are ParaGard and Mirena.

ParaGard: made of copper which basically makes your uterus toxic to sperm (pretty cool, right?)

Pros- 99% effective, lasts up to 10 years, hormone-free (!!)

Cons- heavier, longer-lasting periods

Mirena: releases progestin that makes your body prevent sperm from entering the uterus

Pros- 99% effective, lasts up to 5 years, shorter and lighter periods (most women no longer get a period after 3 months… and that’s totally fine for your body!)

Cons- local release of hormones (but, at least it’s not pumping through your whole body like The Pill)

The Insertion Process

So, you can usually only get an IUD inserted at a gynecologist’s office or at Planned Parenthood. You will discuss your options, sign forms, take some ibuprofen, and get set up in the stirrups. Some places will give you a local anesthetic, and I highly suggest you ask for it. You can place a pill close to the cervix to soften it, and make it easier and less painful to place the device. They insert the speculum, then take some time to switch gloves to be sterile, and then insert that thing right into your cervix. Which hurts. Like a bitch. Not gonna lie (I did not have local anesthetic). Then you’re done. There is a 1/1000 risk of perforation (i.e. the IUD punctures your uterus), but your doc can usually tell if that happens. I had some minor bleeding, some slight dizziness from the pain, but then was sent off on my way to deal with my terrible cramps for the next 24-48 hours. (I would definitely recommend having nothing planned for the day you have this done, although I do have a friend who got hers implanted and then drove two hours to college on move in day). Everyone’s pain levels are different. Some people have no cramping or issues the next day, others don’t want to get out of bed for 2 days (and I have a friend who couldn’t drive herself home after the appointment), I was fine after 24 hours. So prepare for anything.


So that little plastic piece that is now in your uterus has two little strings that hang off of it, which hang out in your vagina. (After a few months they usually wrap up around your cervix and are gone.) In those first 3 months you want to check and make sure those strings are in the same place. Are they shorter? Are they longer? Does it feel different? If so, go see your physician ASAP because it’s an indication that the IUD moved out of place. There’s only a 2-3% chance this happens, but hey it happened to me! One day my strings were longer, I saw my physician, and my IUD had moved, so I had it removed and replaced.


Without insurance, an IUD generally costs $1000. Fortunately, with my insurance it was covered at 100% (I didn’t even have to pay a co-pay). Thanks Obamacare!! Check with your insurance provider.


There are so many options for birth control these days, take the time to do your research and speak with your physician when deciding what option is the best for you. Every body is different, so make sure you are choosing the right option for you.


Disclaimer: I am not a health professional. This information is based on my personal experience and the information I received from my physician and reputable sources.

A Twenty Something Love Story

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As we migrate from our college bubbles and into the real work it seems like everyone is taking a look at how people are finding and maintaining love, or not. This year articles have been passed around that put us, the millennial’s, under the microscope. It seems like everyone, not only us, is interested in talking about how we want to wait to get married, our casual attitudes about sex, and our hook up apps. As a millennial some of these articles are right, but most of them seem to misuse statistics and cause general confusion. So let’s clear the air.

In a world that is full of instagram, facebook, texting, snapchat, meeting people through friends, and constant connection it seems like a lot of the romanticism of “dating,” and the actual dates, have been lost. What was once a chance encounter, and what needed effort to carry forward can often times be easily continued through social connections and proximity. The pursuit has gotten less complicated, the finish line has gotten easier to see, and honestly the race to get there goes by pretty fast.
As we made our way through college and into the real world “dating” was an idea that existed in a vacuum. It was something we saw in movies, and there was the occasional whisper of a date (usually celebrating a milestone), but this was the exception – not the norm.
The reality was that you met, you clicked, you saw each other out, you shot gunned a beer/shared a cup of jungle juice/went to a handles and handcuffs party, traded some drunk texts and ended up at someones house. There wasn’t even the hopeful expectation of being taken out to be wined, dined and romanced.
In the post grad world there are so many twenty-somethings testing out the online dating scene. Scrolling through the pictures, checking out the profiles and setting up wine dates has become the new norm for the twenty-something generation. We can swipe yes or no, like you are playing a hot or not game, and skim hundreds of profiles searching for commonality – but where is the human connection. You are interacting with technology – hoping for a real connection, but not making the connection. There is a false sense of knowing someone before you even speak to them, there are so many details of our lives and our likes and our passions out and available in the world that someone can know all about you before they say the first word to you. Hello – have you ever seen SVU? Are we supposed to trust someone after ten lines of conversation?
It takes time to discover each other, and in love, things get real fast. You can’t fake the personal connection, you cant make it happen over a screen. It takes face time, it takes action, it takes more. It takes, but it gives too. So when you find that personal connection – grab it. The road goes up from here, and it is a crazy beautiful ride.