A Twenty-Something Transition

Real World


It’s no secret that job security in Los Angeles’ entertainment industry isn’t exactly fantastic. This is a very unique city with a lot of freelancers working on shows that only film seven or eight months out of the year. It’s a constant battle of trying to make it work in an ever-changing landscape and once again I’m fighting the good fight of someone searching for their next project.

It would be easy to be discouraged when something like this happens, but I prefer to look at it as a new opportunity for an adventure. There are so many things I want to do in my life, and being a twenty-something in Los Angeles gives me such an advantage. I don’t have to worry about a mortgage or paying off a car (luckily). Really my only expenses are rent, food and gas, plus the occasional shopping spree (oops). This is the perfect time to explore this wonderful city, get to know a bunch of different people and figure out what I like doing. I’m a Gemini, and those of you who follow astrology, or know me personally, will know that means I like to flit from project to project and like to experience new and different things.

Long story short twenty-somethings, if you suddenly find yourself out of work or in a situation you didn’t expect, look at it as an opportunity for something great! That attitude makes all the difference. The world is your oyster!


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