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(Some Of) The Best Arrested Development Moments

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arrested development

Arrested Development is one of the best television comedies of all time. Fact.

Let me just start out by saying that every single episode of Arrested Development is fantastic. You cannot go wrong watching any episode, even if you’ve already seen it a hundred times.

As an avid Arrested Development fan, I decided to dedicate this #TBT to something bigger than your random friend’s pictures from 4th grade (and we’ve all done it): the best Arrested Development moments of all time.

Even if you don’t agree, I urge you to enjoy the following recaps. They are in no particular order, because if I actually had to try to narrow it down to the best episode, I’d be here all day.

Lucille’s Never-ending ‘Tude

You know a show is going to be spectacular when the writer’s can show off their stuff in the second episode. In “Top Banana,” we meet George Senior’s roommate, T-Bone, meanwhile George Michael tries to steer clear of Maeby (and his crush). There is a lot of burning down storage units and Tobias going to opening auditions for fire sales.

Personally, some of my favorite bits are when Lucille talks. About anything. Her snarky remarks should make us scoff, but it only intensifies our love for the Bluth mama bird.

banana lucille

banana michael

(Source: roymustache, via Arrested Development Tumblr)

2. Buster Goes to Army

Throwing Buster into the army mix? Perfection.

His giddy and amazingly juvenile nature makes for some hilarious Arrested one liners.



(Source: it’s-arrested-development, via Arrested Development Tumblr)

3. The Lindsay-Lucille Relationship

The beautiful Lindsay (aka Portia de Rossi) constantly has to deal with zingers from her insult-throwing mom. Sometimes it’s just an exchange of glances, and sometimes the duo find themselves drunk and getting kicked out of popular restaurant chains.

No matter what, it’s always fascinating and entertaining!





(Source: ashagreyjoyed, via Arrested Development Tumblr)

4. Tobias, Always Saying Things That Come Out Wrong

Tobias is hands down one of the best characters ever to grace television.

He goes after his dreams (which is being an actor) and constantly gets put down by the Bluths, but by golly, he doesn’t care!






(Source: liesmiths, via Arrested Development Tumblr)

5. Job and His Magic…err… “Illusions”

If you’re a fan of the show, you know how fairly obvious it is that Job is the least favorite. Watching him trying to prove himself by means of being a professional illusionist is not only sad and hilarious, but relatable as well.

(Relatable in the way of trying to prove oneself. Not making it as a professional illusionist. They have much more skill than I will ever have.)


(Source: Arrested Development Tumblr)

6. Mrs. Featherbottom

You know you have a fantastic father figure on your hands when he’s willing to dress up as an old British nanny I’m order to get to know you better, Mrs. Doubtfire style.

Maeby, you don’t know how lucky you are. Pun intended.


(Source: asmokingcaterpillar, via
Arrested Development Tumblr)

7. Anyong

What do you get when you combine the Bluths with a foreign adopted son?

Confusion and extreme frustration. (See Lucille’s face below.)




(Source: gracillius, via
Arrested Development Tumblr)

8. Tobias is a Never Nude

Tobias, buddy, we feel your pain! Never being able to be naked must be really tough.

We’re just glad you decided to use short denim cutoffs to cover your junk.


(Source: Arrested Development Tumblr)

9. Buster, Just Being Buster

Tony Hale is the man. The end.


(Source: eternal-weekend, via Arrested Development Tumblr)



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