Truths from Portlandia

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When I started telling people that I was moving to Portland, everyone suggested I watch Portlandia. Now that I live here, everyone asks if the show is true… Yes. Kind of. They exaggerate characteristics, and sometimes there is some Seattle in there – but yes, it’s true. No it isn’t offensive if you ask, and yes I do find it funny.

My Portlandia Truths:

1. People Care About The Chicken

People care. Is it local? No? Get that shit out of here immediately. This is one of the huge perks of Portland, foodie central – and I love it.


2. The dream of the 90s is alive – in Portland

Clowning is completely acceptable, piercings and tattoos are everywhere, there are copious bands, and we like it that way.


3. Don’t. Forget. Your. Grocery. Bag.

The judgement is real. And only sometimes silent.


4. If you aren’t on social media – do you exist?

Some people actually don’t have it. Do they exist? I know a few.


5. Timid Portland Drivers

It may just be me, buut my colleague from New York agrees Portland drivers are the worst.


6. Hipster’s Will Be Hipsters

Last week I saw a biker with a cross-bow on his back.


7. Snobby Second-Hand Stores

Enough said.


8. Brunch

This one is universal, but Portland takes it to a new level at times.


9. Artisan Movie Theater Food

Artisan Popcorn and Truffle Fries please!


10. Feminist Bookstore

I haven’t seen one, but I fully believe it exists.


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