A Royal Obsession: Baby Prince George

Family, Other Thoughts


I have a problem, and luckily it seems the rest of the world has it too…an obsession with the adorable baby Prince George. It’s not enough that the custom made baby clothes he’s seen in are selling out (just like everything worn by his motherbut there are countless articles dedicated to him, from how many teeth he now has to how he “stole” another child’s block while at a play-date in New Zealand.

Normally there is some form of obsession with celebrity babies, even leading some celeb parents to attack the paparazzi for their photos of children. But I think the Baby George phenomenon is bigger than any of the rest (sorry North West). I actually went so far as to reach out and touch his chubby adorable cheek on a magazine cover at a drug store. I’ve officially snapped, but can you really blame me?

Being an early twenty-something, having kids is something that’s not on the visible horizon for me for a long while. I’m trying to find a steady job, I’ve never taken care of a puppy or pet, I’ve never even attempted to keep a plant alive. Do I want kids? Sure. Do I want to wait another ten plus years before I have them? Absolutely. In the meantime, I have all these pictures of Baby George to fawn over.

...I also love you.



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