Weekly Music Box: Summertime Hip-Hop



It’s finally spring, but we all have our minds on one thing: summertime.

There’s absolutely nothing better than summer: the beach, driving with all the windows down, the beer, the breeze, and just the times. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year.

This week, I asked a few of my friends some of their favorite songs that are currently getting them pumped for summer.

Without further adieu, I give you some of the best songs that I’m listening to right now.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Castle

No wonder Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won the 2014 Grammy for Best New Artist!

Castle was released on their 2012 album, The Heist. If you for some reason haven’t heard this song yet, I highly recommend it. It’s been on my must-have playlist for a while now!

Lil Wayne – Right Above It ft. Drake

Lil Wayne released this song in 2010 and it’s still kickin’. Great song!

Zion I – Coastin’

First and foremost, this video is a MUST see. It is absolutely one of my favorites, especially the beginning.

I’ll let the lyrics of this song speak for the rest of it:

“When life brings trouble
You can fight or run away
I have no struggle
Relax watch me float away
I´m coastin´
I´m coastin´ on a dream”

Sounds like a summer dream to me!

Common Market – Connect For

Common Market released this album in 2006, and this is one of the best “lesser known” songs by the group. I’m not really sure how this song never got more recognition, but it will definitely be on my playlist for this summer.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

Last but not least, the best hip-hop summertime song of all time: Summertime.

How could I make a summertime hip-hop list without this classic?

Side note: Can you believe that this song was released in 1991?


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