Small Paychecks & Big Adventures

Budgeting, Real World

Im Poor

I keep seeing this quote about being in your twenties that says something to the effect of “this is the time for small paychecks and big adventures.” However, in order to have big adventures while having small paychecks saving money is essential – So let’s talk about a few easy ways that you can add money to your adventure savings fund.


This free and easy application will help you track your spending, and show you exactly where all that hard earned cash goes. You can create goals – like the aforementioned “big adventures”- and Mint will help you save money to go toward them. Who knows, after a few months you may be able to take that beach vacation that you have been dreaming about. Personally, right now I am day dreaming about Hawaii- so I made it a goal!


Look for Bargains

I am a huge advocate of flea markets for furniture and home goods, and TheRealRealHauteLook for clothes and accessories – and the same thing applies to other activities like dinner dates, new exercise classes, and trips to the spa. You won’t believe some of the things that you can find on Groupon, and some of those things are a “big adventure” that fit perfectly with our “small paychecks.” Recently a friend of mine was able to purchase a hot air balloon ride for two at over 50% off of retail price.



If you are like me then you probably get many emails from your favorite stores telling all about the new styles for the season, or the life-changing sale that they are having. You can’t help but click the link, because hey – those clothes are so cute, and yes it is a new season. Make it easier for yourself to avoid spending your small paycheck on clothes that you don’t really need after all. Unroll.Me allows you to bulk unsubscribe from these temptations, just imagine the things you can do with the money that you would have spent.


Take a minute right now to think over and easily implement these three money saving tricks. You can take ten minutes right now to set up a Mint account, explore Groupon, and use Unroll.Me to get rid of at least a few temptations – take the jump – your big adventure is waiting!


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