6 Ways to Tell You’ve Got a Keeper

Relationships & Sex


Every relationship has its high and low points, and those of us living outside fairy tales know that relationships require work. So how do you know the one you have is worth it?

1. You Can Sit In Comfortable Silence

There’s something so relaxing about just being able to sit with someone and not having to worry about filling the silence. We’ve all chattered nervously because we don’t want it to be awkward – therefore making it more awkward. When you can be in the same space with someone, but also be doing your own thing, it’s amazing. Maybe they’re online and you’re reading a book, or maybe you’re just watching TV together but don’t feel the need to fill the void with conversation just for the sake of it. So much can be said in silence and what you’re saying to your S.O. is “hey, I’m comfortable with you.”

2. Your S.O. Asks About Your Day (and actually listens & cares about your answer)

Honestly, I can’t imagine a relationship where my boyfriend didn’t genuinely ask me “how was your day?” It blows my mind that there are some people that couldn’t give a care in the world how their partner’s day was. I’m sorry but if you don’t feel like listening to me talk about my experiences and thoughts then why the hell am I wasting my time with you? Communication is the foundation of any relationship and not asking or caring about that other person’s experiences, accomplishments, fears etc. completely cuts the relationship off at the knees.

3. You Can Laugh Together During Sex

Fairly self-explanatory and also so important. There are all different types of hookups: sultry, romantic, sweet, and just plain funny. Sometimes it seems like everything you’re doing either looks weird or isn’t really working, plus bodies make funny noises when combined. You’ve got to be the kind of couple that’s just going to laugh and roll with whatever hi-jinks end up occurring.

4. You Don’t Worry About Always Looking Perfect

Women have unrealistic beauty standards bombarded at them from every angle- TV shows, ads, photo-shopped magazine covers and even Target ads. It’s a constant battle of hair and makeup products, painting our nails, shaving our legs, hiding zits and our “problem areas” and trying to be fashionable – but you know, look “natural” at the same time. I like playing around with products and dressing up as much as the next girl but it’s a great feeling when I can spend a whole weekend in yoga pants with no make-up on and never once feel ugly or like I need to try harder in order to keep my man’s attention.

5. You Share A Sense Of Humor (for the most part)

How am I going to go through life with someone that can’t make me laugh? Answer: I’m not. We all know that life is full of less than glamorous moments. When times are hard and I need someone to be there for me, I want them to help me find the humor in the situation and make me laugh. This does not mean make light of my situation or problems, but knowing how to diffuse hard moments with (appropriate) humor is invaluable.

6. They Aren’t Threatened By Your Success

This is a big one. There was a time period when I was making more money than my boyfriend and he did not care. Now, after some job reshuffling, he makes more money and I couldn’t be prouder because he deserves it. A healthy relationship can’t thrive when jealousy and underlying tension about jobs and money exists. Someone who feels emasculated because you happen to be great at your job and reap the rewards needs to shape up real quick. If you get the vibe that your S.O. can’t handle your professional goals or success, you may need to start searching for someone who is ready to be in a relationship with a confident and goal-oriented individual like your fine self.



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