Weekly Music Box: Up-and-Coming Musicians



What better way to start your week than with new music? Whether you’re hitting the gym or trying to wake up while driving to work, music can help elevate your mood and give you that extra umph that you need to make it through the week.

After all, music does make the world go ’round. Here are some highly recommended up and coming artists that are bringing their unique brands to the table.

A-Fresh (ft. C.C. Merit) – We Own The Night

Releasing his debut album “Overdose” last June, A-Fresh is one of the new faces in the hip-hop and rap industry. As a member of The Young King Family based out of Charlotte, NC, A-Fresh is shaking up the local music scene, and hinting at great things on the horizon. A-Fresh adds unique vocals to jams designed to pump you up, while dishing out honesty and wisdom from his life’s experiences.

Our favorite words of wisdom from A-Fresh? “I try not to take anything for granted… It drives me to be the best, and to want to inspire others to do the same.” If that isn’t something all twenty-somethings can take to heart I don’t know what is.

Kylie Rothfield – “Royals” cover

You may or may not have heard of Kylie Rothfield, California native and blossoming artist. She recently moved to Nashville to pursue a career as an artist, and I believe her voice could take her there. When Rothfield sings, you can hear bursts of pop and soul music, which makes her seem both current and vintage.

According to her website, Rothfield has always felt emotional when it comes to making music, stating, “When I was 12 years old, I wrote my first full song with a No 2 pencil and a tattered notebook, performed it clumsily for a small crowd, and then experienced a feeling that I’ve never been able to forget. Since then music has confounded me, frustrated me, defined me and saved me; and I’ll probably spend the rest of my life being completely infatuated with it.”

She will be releasing her debut EP, “Rag Doll,” but for now, check out her incredible cover of Lorde’s “Royals.”

Grimes – Vanessa

Grimes, also known as Claire Boucher, is a Canadian artist and songwriter. Most of her known songs (like “Genesis” and Oblivion,” as well as “Vanessa”) were released back in 2012, but her popularity is growing exponentially. This year, Grimes won a Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year.

If you’re a fan of new electronic and dream pop music, try listening to Grimes!

Zak Waters – Runnin Around

Zak Waters emerged on the music scene back in 2011 when he released his first EP, “New Normal.” He has been performing since high school, where he attended in Los Angeles.

And if you aren’t convinced from his video that he holds the power to be a popular artist, know that Waters was “personally sought out by Flo Rida and Benny Benassi for their upcoming 2014 tracks.” He’s also “produced official remixes alongside Benny Benassi, R3hab, Pharrel Williams for All-American Rejects, Adam Lambert, and Foxy Shazam Moreover, famed Los Angeles venue The Satellite in Silver Lake tapped him for a high-profile residency as well in September 2013.”

Porter Robinson – Language

Porter Robinson is an electronic dance music producer and DJ from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The 21-year-old is adamant about his music being reflective of beauty, and has said:

“Years ago, I realized that I wanted to write an album that focused on beauty above all else. The feeling of hugeness and gorgeousness and vastness and beauty is what I fucking live for. It is my favorite thing in the world. I kept trying to write songs that both satisfied me artistically and also could ‘work’ in a DJ set. Nobody ever heard these songs because they sucked and made me miserable. Again and again, I found that making a track ‘danceable’ just meant compromising and ignoring what the song really needed. And I found that the more I forced myself to work within those DJ-friendly limits, the more I resented the genre. I realized that the rift between the music that works for DJs and the music that I love had grown too huge to ignore.”

Interested to see what Robinson is talking about? Check out his song “Language” which was released in 2012.

Whether or not these musicians are for you, keep checking in for the newest music recommendations each Monday!


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