Wait, why can’t we do that?

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Have you ever asked a friend to go to the bar on a Friday night, and been met with a resounding no? This is something that I have heard along with the argument that we did that in college, but can’t really do that anymore. This is usually followed by: “Man I wish we could still do that.” … Well, why can’t we?

I’m not going to stop having fun just because I’m not in college anymore. Yes, it may mean that I can’t go out on a Tuesday night, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t go out to bars on the weekends, stay out a little late and have a good time. We just graduated from college, we didn’t move into a retirement home. We are only 23 years old! The end of college is a huge transition, but we can’t let it become bigger than ourselves. We have to take control, just as we did in college.

As I have gotten older and heard stories parents and their friends, I know they didn’t completely shut down after college and neither should we. As I like to say, we are still full of energy and can still “hang.” Obviously, we need to maintain a level of maturity, but we are still far from figuring everything out and like in college, we need to enjoy the ride because it doesn’t end when you walk across that stage.

I think people have this mentality because they have unrealistic expectations of adult life. It’s as if they equate leaving college to getting 20 years older instantly. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to fast forward. This stage of my life is riddled with more excitement and uncertainty than the last four years and I love it. The adventure is fun. I can’t understand those people who feel like they have to put it in neutral after college. Now, more than ever before, is the time to shift it into gear and take advantage of everything that is in front of us.

In college, you’re the most open to new experiences, more forward thinking and constantly learning. My challenge to you is to do make time to do something that you would consider “only something you would have done in college,” as long as it’s within reason. This especially applies to people living in a new city. Go out this weekend, do something with friends, let loose, meet new people. College is only the end if you see it that way.


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