The Internship Experience: Interviews

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Now that you’ve spent hours on the computer searching for the right internship, let’s move on the next big step in the internship experience: the interview.

Congratulations! One of your top choices for internships asked for a phone interview! What’s next?

  • Do your research – you should always know the general history of the company in question as well as their current projects and projections.
  • Build a list of potential questions – have an idea of how you might respond to questions concerning your strengths, weaknesses, and experience.
  • Have questions for them – show interest in the company by asking about the company culture and address questions or concerns that you may have stumbled upon during your research.

And if the interview is in person, follow the above steps and take it one step further with your attire. Depending on the field, your dress should be relatively conservative – ladies, no short skirts or dresses, no cleavage, and avoid shoulders. Think of the interview as a Sunday brunch with your significant other’s grandparents. Colors can make you stand out, but avoid obnoxious patterns and loud jewelry. You want to stand out – your outfit should reflect your personality!

Dos –

  • Bring copies of your resume – print them on nice paper
  • Have a nice folder for your resumes – don’t just pull them out all crumpled up
  • Be honest – never lie in an interview; it could come back to bite you
  • Arrive early for the interview – punctuality is key
  • Carry yourself with confidence – you got this!
  • Send a thank you note – this shows that you are both mature and professional


  • Be too relaxed – you should be on your game until you walk out the door
  • Bad mouth your other jobs – this is unprofessional and unattractive
  • Don’t bring up salary or benefits until the interviewer does – follow his or her lead

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