25 Signs You’ve Found Your Person


1. They are the first person you call with anything. Every time.

2. They always know what your mood is. They don’t even need an explanation. They just know.

3. You can do anything together. Whether it’s a crazy night out, a lazy night in, a drive in silence, breakfast in bed, mindless errands, or a dance party in your underwear. You always belong together.

4. They will do anything for you. Drop whatever they are doing and be there for you.

5. They often know you better than you know yourself.

6. You know the smallest things about each other. (I know my person’s favorite sound is the popping noise when you open a new tube of mascara.)

7. They know your deepest or dirtiest secrets and they never ever hold them over you.

8. You’ve been present for some of those moments that are their deepest secrets.

9. They always know what you need and when you need it. (My person once handed me a bottle of wine, a straw, and three magazines after a particularly awful day.)

10. They make you a better person.

11. You have plans to live together. With or without significant others doesn’t even matter. Nothing will come between you.

12. Your significant other knows to never even try to come between you two.

13. You have more than once discussed leaving the opposite sex behind in favor of starting a party nunnery in the remote wilderness.

14. You can physically feel their absence when you’re apart.

15. You don’t even need words to express what you are thinking, a look will do it.

16. There is never anything too big, or too small about which to tell them. (Does my person really care that I stubbed my toe and now I’m walking with a limp? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter.)

17. Even when they know something is bothering you, they give you the time to think it out, then help you figure out how to solve the problem.

18. You know that guy you broke up with five years ago and still bugs you? They hate him on principle, and not just because they are always on your side.

19. Have a family crisis? They will always be there with a phone call, hug, flowers, and anything else they can provide. Especially because your family considers them family.

20. They will carry you home if they have to – and sometimes they do.

21. They will make you laugh at the things you once thought would make you die of embarrassment.

22. They know how to perk you up no matter what. They know the difference between a bad day that needs ice cream, one that needs tears, and one that needs liquor – and they can tell just by looking at you.

23. They help you make your dreams into realities.

24. When something threatens to tear you apart, they are there to put you back together again, and make sure you are stronger than before.

25. You just know.



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