PaleyFest 2014: TVD and The Originals

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As those of you who have seen my overly obvious cover photo on Facebook know, I attended the PaleyFest panel for The Vampire Diaries and The Originals this past Saturday. PaleyFest is described as the ultimate TV fan festival and is produced by The Paley Center for Media. The panels were located at the Dolby Theatre, maybe you know it as the place Ellen handed out pizza to celebrities and the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem performed.

Now I’ve been to a couple Days of Our Lives charity events where the stars of the show attend and mingle with the crowd, doing silent auctions and karaoke nights, so I was fairly sure that I wasn’t going to see any obsessive fan behavior I hadn’t seen before. There it’s usually older women asking the soap stars if their could touch their biceps and then giggling. Here it was a woman asking if she could touch Daniel Gillies “hero hair” during her audience question and then giggling. The one thing I was surprised about was how the novelty of the attractiveness of Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies never quite wore off to the crowd. I’m all for a few high pitched squeals when they first entered the stage – I may have even fanned myself and forgotten how to breathe at one point – but once the initial excitement about seeing them in person wore off I was mainly excited about what they had to say about the show’s future.

So here’s the scoop:


The Originals

Claire Holt’s Departure

Claire Holt has left the show – temporarily. She was asked about her character’s departure and she said she was happy with the way it played out. She said that Rebecca finally got what she’s been wanting her whole life, the freedom from Klaus and her family to finally live. She mentioned she fulfilled her contractual obligation and wasn’t fired or leaving the show on bad terms at all (sorry gossip mongers). She did also mention that there is a pretty sexy quarterback hanging around in Mystic Falls and she wouldn’t mind at all visiting that show in the future. Essentially she views this as a hiatus for her character but she has no intention of leaving Rebecca for good.

Klaroline (or as I prefer – Caralous)

When Joseph Morgan was asked if he supported the idea of Klaroline he gave a very thoughtful answer. Essentially he mentioned that he was very interested in the relationship at the beginning because he felt Caroline really challenged Klaus and brought out some deeper layers in him. But now, with the characters on different shows, he said it wouldn’t really work, what with Klaus trying to control New Orleans and oh yeah – being about to become a father. He also asked: “Why would you want to do something like that to the character of Caroline Forbes?” Cue the audience swooning. I was very impressed with how much thought he put into the relationship between their two characters and he seems to work very hard trying to understand the character of Klaus. Don’t worry though, he did say he loved the culminating moment (aka hot against-a-tree sex) between the two in Mystic Falls a few weeks back.


The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Is Really Dead (probably)

One of the big questions for executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries was whether or not Katherine Pierce was really, actually dead. TVD is a show where basically everyone has died and come back to life so it’s understandable that fans look at deaths with a very skeptical eye. Julie and Caroline seemed very adamant that they wanted to give Katherine the most epic death possible and really do justice to this complex character. They did say “never say never” when it came to her returning, but at the same time were resolved that this was Katherine’s one true death.

Big questions and great answers! The Originals resumes April 15th and The Vampire Diaries is on Thursday, March 27th and then breaks until April 10th.




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