Tips To Make A Small Room Feel Bigger

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The reality is that in your early twenties you probably are not going to have an amazing, modern, open concept, large, spacious living space filled with natural light. You may have a place that checks off a few of those boxes, or even more than a few, but you most likely will not have all of them – and if you do please call me and let me know where you live.

I personally spend a scary amount of time watching HGTV and lusting after each edition of the “Dream Home.” In real life I do not have a dream home, but I do have a home that I can decorate how I choose. Sometimes our greatest weapon against small spaces is to trick them into looking bigger than they actually are. This way we feel happier about the space, it is decorated effectively, and we can enjoy our homes.

But how exactly can you make a space feel bigger? Here are some decorating tips and tricks to turn your small space into an inviting living area.


1. De-Clutter: My motto is if I haven’t used it in the past three months, or if I wouldn’t buy it now, it needs to go.

2. Decide on a neutral color palate: Keeping it neutral will give the perception of an expanded space. You can always throw in pops of color like throw pillows or art pieces to bring the room to life.

3. Use furniture that does double duty: This can be tricky because sometimes it leads to problems with number one. One great example that I love is an ottoman that can also be used as a coffee table, or an ottoman with a hidden compartment for blankets.

4. Mix the sizes of your furniture: We tend to think that if a room is small only small furniture should go in it – but this isn’t true. By using a few large pieces mixed with smaller pieces you can both create sections of the room, and make it appear larger.

5. Utilize mirrors: Mirrors have the ability to open a room up with reflection, and you can use them to reflect the natural light that flows into your space.



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