The Internship Experience: The Search is On

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It is finally here: a blog series about internships. Having just gone through the process of applying to over 200 internship opportunities, I believe it’s safe to say that I have more than enough experience. This series will address the entire process of internships from applications to interviews to portfolio development. So get your pens and pencils ready to jot dot a few notes as we go through this together!

I. Searching for the right internship

It’s really important to have a few “must haves” on your list when searching for internships:

1. College Credit or No

2. Paid or Unpaid

3. Location

4. Field

Once you have decided on the answers for these four “must haves”, you’ll have a checklist with which to review each potential opportunity!

Secondly, if you’re going for college credit, be sure to utilize your school’s professional development center. Often times there are alumni who are available for networking and could provide you with not only helpful advice, but also point out unique opportunities. Part of the development center’s purpose is to help with resumes as well. It is important that you have your resume perfected and printed on professional paper before you begin applying to positions.

A helpful search engine designed to guide students in their search for internships is This website allows you to develop a profile in which you can display your resume and fields of interest, and as you search for opportunities, you can link your profile to your applications to allow employers a deeper insight into who you are. makes the search process much easier, even allowing you to narrow your search based on our four “must haves”!

Remember to be honest with yourself and employers. When searching for an internship, don’t apply to things that don’t interest you completely or are in fields where you have little to no experience. Internships involve more than one person, and if you are not passionate about the experience or capable of performing the necessary duties, it wont be enjoyable for anyone. If you have questions or concerns about the skills desired for a position or the duties that will be required of you, reach out to the employer and get clarification before applying, they would rather you ask a million questions than hire someone who isn’t the right fit.

Stay tuned for the next step in the internship process as we take on the ever-dreaded interview!


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