A Rude Awakening From Mother Nature

Real World

I moved to Los Angeles almost a year ago and since then have gotten used to the culture – aka everyone going on hikes, putting avocado on every food item (I just ate it on a hot dog) and talking endlessly about what route they took to get somewhere (The Californians is real, people). One thing I haven’t grown accustomed to are the earthquakes. I’ve been woken up by a few small ones in the past couple months but those felt like child’s play compared to the 4.4 quake that woke me up Monday morning at 6:30 AM. Now, I like to pretend the only 6:30 is PM so right off the bat, not a good time for me. I woke up violently, my whole room felt like it was bouncing up and down and I just heard rumbling and shaking. Honestly, it felt and sounded like every cliche movie earthquake I’ve ever seen – Cinderella Story anyone? So I did the cliche thing – I ran for my doorway, not before almost stabbing myself in the eye with my glasses so I could actually see where I was going. Being basically blind in the middle of a shaking room was not ideal. The whole thing lasted maybe a minute to a minute and a half, but I was still wondering how long it could possibly continue. The only damage besides my heart almost exploding? My “Keep Calm and Carry On” plaque on my bookshelf fell on my Blu-Ray Player. Still, it’s those moments that make you realize what’s really important in your life and the only thing I was worried about was whether or not my boyfriend was okay (he’s fine).

A lot of ‘native’ Californians were bragging about how they barely woke up, and this quake really wasn’t that bad. But for a North Carolina girl who really has only had to worry about hurricanes (which give us plenty of warning before they hit) it was definitely frightening. It’s not every day that a normal morning switches suddenly to a quick reminder from Mother Nature that she’s the most powerful of us all.


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