5 Ways to Wear Radiant Orchid

Fashion & Beauty

2014 is the year of Radiant Orchid according to Pantone.

A gorgeous shade of purple, this color embodies the beautiful feelings and colors of spring. The question is – How can I work this color into my wardrobe?

1. Nails

For the color shy, when you just want to test it out or brighten up an otherwise colorless outfit, your nails can be the way to go. Personally, having my nails done and looking good always makes me feel brighter. Try a nail lacquer for that gel like finish that will keep the chips at bay.

2. Lips

Taking a cue from stars like Lipita Nyong’o, take this bold color for a test run on your lips. You never know, this may be your new favorite hue.

3. Purses

Who doesn’t love the perfect bag? Especially now that we are all lusting after spring weather, sunshine, blooming flowers, and bright colors. One thing that I love about bag purchases is that you can transition them from season to season, and pair them with multitudes of outfits. This bag may be in the color of the year for 2014 – but next year you may need a pop of color to brighten up an all black outfit for work – and bam, this bag will come to the rescue.

4. Shoes

Yesterday I was window shopping in Neiman Marcus (because, lets be real, their things are out of my price range) and there were pairs upon pairs of gorgeous radiant orchid shoes from the likes of Jimmy Choo, Giuseppe Zanotti, Manolo Blahnik and more. Get in my closet? Luckily for those of us on an entry level salary there are many affordable options.

5. Jeans

For the past few years colorful spring jeans have been on everyone’s mind and body. This year try spicing it up with a radiant orchid pair and a white tee. Simple, classic, and still on trend.


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