“The Bachelor” Women Were Amazing This Season

Relationships & Sex

Okay here’s the truth, I only watch “The Bachelor” to get to “The Bachelorette” but this season I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of women cast on the show. First, Sharleen, the obvious front-runner and recipient of the first impression rose, blew America out of the water by daring to express the thought that she just wasn’t sure about her feelings towards Juan Pablo. Sharleen actually found herself in a cycle I’m sure many women can relate to – she was physically attracted to Juanny Pabs but the intellectual connection wasn’t there and she ended up leaving the show for that reason. I found the honesty in that so refreshing. Too often on this show, and probably in the real world, people confuse lust with love. It’s fine if you want to have a male shorty on the side, but don’t tell me he’s your soulmate because we both know he’s not.

Next Clare. Oh Clare, Clare, Clare. Most known before the finale as the girl Juan slut-shamed after hooking up with her in the ocean (don’t even get me started on that), Clare really came into her own in the last minutes of the show after being rejected by Juanny-Pabs. Prior to the final rose, Clare began to second guess her feelings about Juan when he made a crude comment about their physical connection and then told her that he didn’t really know her at all. She experienced probably one of the most relatable issues in any pre-relationship when she mentioned to the cameras that she wasn’t just an object, deserved respect and had a lot to offer. I was nodding along and shouting “you go girl” at my television. For your viewing pleasure here is Clare completely dominating and standing up for herself:

This brings me to Andi aka the new Bachelorette! Andi also received a backhand comment from Juan about how he wasn’t sure about her and she “just made it through” the last round of roses. Andi then proceeds to blow the lid off this whole freaking show by bringing up aspects of a relationship that are extremely important, and on this show, extremely overlooked.

Start at 1:00 for optimal amazingness

After this conversation Andi left the show and never looked back. She brought up one of the biggest issues in relationships – can you communicate with your partner well? I think having your significant other care about your thoughts, feelings and opinions is non-negotiable. So often I think women are afraid to express themselves fully in a relationship for fear of seeming too demanding. God forbid we be labeled “a nag” or even “bossy” (when really we’re the boss – ha!). There’s a lot of pressure to just let things go or sweep your feelings under the rug for fear of losing your partner. We need to stop being afraid and start getting the relationships we deserve.


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