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This post is a response to “Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy

Psst… Hey Millenials…this is going to blow your mind… are you ready? Despite your best efforts, you don’t have your shit together. If you’re like me, that should come as no surprise. You may not have your life together (I sure as hell don’t),but you know what? Not having everything together is ok—don’t let anyone tell you differently. The world is out to tell you you aren’t as awesome as you are, and I am here to tell you that’s a crock ‘o lies.

For the past, oh I don’t know 18 years of your life, you’ve been told you “have potential”. Apparently to the older folks, that’s our downfall. Somehow, our parents insisted that we can do anything, and, in turn, somehow we’ve been led to believe we are better than we actually are. Is that true? #Sorrynotsorry but I am going to call BS.

Despite the fact I just used a hashtag for no apparent reason other than to annoy the older folks that may read this, our generation is awesome. We can rule the world from our computers, bring down PR executives for racist tweets with a single click, and we soon will have more buying power than any other generation.

So what if we have illusions of grandeur? Is that such a bad thing? I don’t think we should settle for the status quo just because the generation in front of us was raised with a different set of values. Yes, you shouldn’t jump ship for a new job every 6 months, and no, we shouldn’t freaking send a text to someone sitting next to us (why that is common place is beyond me). Just because we as a generation have some bad habits doesn’t mean jack. I, you, we are all unique, and awesome in our very own way. Let’s take the past few years as a case study.

In college, you were awesome. You know why?  During those four years you can do whatever the absolute shit you want and be successful.

Example: Put off that 23 page paper until the day before (what exactly is “research” anyway)? No problem, just crank some crap out about Sojourner Truth (google her, she’s actually pretty awesome and important, and in hindsight did her a huge injustice), adjust those margins and make your periods size 16, and boom goes the dynamite. Wow, you got a B+ on that paper with minimal work, what would happen if you actually applied yourself? You could rule the friggin’ world. Getting a PhD to give you a B+ in a class of 12 where everyone is smarter than you takes talent, impressive talent.

Ok so I got flying colors in African American Rhetoric (fine—I guess a B+ is marginally okay), big whoop. That’s not all that impressive, (especially since I realize that I can’t half-ass the real world and corporate America).

But we all have gone through a hell of a lot as a generation, and college is just the start. I doubt the generation above us can say that half of their friends’ parents got divorced. I, like so many of you, survived my parents’ divorces (yes, there were multiple)—let me tell you it was hell, but I don’t think I would be half the person I am today without it. We may be young, but we all have had life experiences that make us totally unique and mature in different ways.

I have battled depression, struggled with suicidal thoughts, watched my dad almost die from heart complications (several times), broken up with a few crazy significant others, partied nights too hard, and finally admitted to myself I was gay (don’t forget our generation is way more tolerant than any other—another reason we’re awesome). You tell me how those experiences don’t build character? Why should I, why should WE conform to what THEY tell us?

I am tired of people treating millennials like they are some self-absorbed and self-righteous bunch of punks. We’re not. I pinky promise. We just happen to be different than other generations.

If you are anything like the way I was before I read “Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy” I just thought people had a general distain for us young folk. I thought I was envied for my drive and ambition (don’t forget my general awesomeness and humbleness). But then it hit me like a terrible brick wall.

People think we have our heads up our asses about life. We “expect things to be handed to us”. I don’t. Do you? They think, “Why do you think you’re special? You haven’t had life experience”. Damn right I think I’m special. And I hate to tell them that just because I think I can (and hopefully someday will) do great things, doesn’t mean I am not going to work my ass off for what I want. We get we have a lot to learn, we get that we are young, we get it. But don’t discount us just because of our youth.

Let me repeat. I am NOT saying that I don’t have things to learn, and I am definitely not advocating ignoring your elders and telling them to screw off. They can teach you a lot—life kicks me on my ass on a daily basis. I am lucky to have an awesome boss, a great family, and friends who are patient with me.

All I am saying is Millennials can kick ass and make the world a better place if we are given the chance. We should listen to what others have to say, be respectful, but at the same time, we should not be afraid to bring your opinion to the table. I think our generation is a powerful one, and we can teach those older folks just as much as they can teach us.


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