Ban Bossy

Other Thoughts, Real World

I love Queen B, DVF, Sheryl Sandberg and the rest of the crowd involved in this campaign, but what I love even more is their message. I for one, have definitely been called bossy a few too many times in my life, and I know that many of my friends have as well. As children, and teens, and maybe into the working world too, that can take a tole on your self confidence. It can change the way that you act, and can make you doubt yourself.

But guess what? There is nothing wrong with being assertive. There is nothing wrong with going after your goals. And being called bossy or stubborn, shouldn’t bring you down. There are young women who are leaning away from being leaders, instead of leaning in. They are limiting themselves, turning away from what their inner voices tell them to do, and that is something we all need to stand against.

Let’s take a moment to praise the leadership of girls, young women, us twenty something ladies, and beyond – Let’s Ban Bossy.

Did anyone else get shivers when Beyonce said “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss?”

Please join us, the Twenty Something Living team, in doing our part to Ban Bossy.

Pledge to Ban Bossy.


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