Yoga: An Internal Dialogue

Healthy Living, Real World

“Ah, yes, this is good… Just relax, breathe, let the work day fade away….

How long do I really need to stretch this arm? The only thing it does at work is type… shhhhhh self, just enjoy it….

Ah downward facing dog…. nice, that feels good…. or wait- does it? … come to think of it this kind of makes my wrist hurt…. maybe ill just lean a little less…. no wait don’t come adjust me.. walk the other way sister.. oh great – yep that feels much better thanks….

How much time has passed? TWENTY MINUTES?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! No wonder they hide the clocks in weird area’s of the studio….

Warrior – YES – I love warrior! Bring it! Yeah that right, my warrior is better than yours, look and be amazed. Lets just do variations of warrior for the rest of the class – sounds good.

Ah yes, only twenty minutes left… I’m going to enjoy these last few series… its time to get in the zone and really enjoy it….

I’m sorry… you want me to what? I know… I should be able to do a head stand from crow… but I can’t! Are people judging me because I can’t do a hand stand?

WHAT EVEN IS THAT? Side crow with leg extension?!? Who do you think I am?! A bendie straw? How on earth am I supposed to do that?….

Downward facing dog… ah, yes.. butt up in the air… oh god – what if i farted? Please don’t fart…..

Okay, Savasanah, I can do that… Zen. This is what peace feels like…

Wait did I fall asleep?”


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